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January 07, 1985 | Volume 62, Issue 1

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Walter Abercrombie Cover - Sports Illustrated January 07, 1985

January 07, 1985 | Pat Putnam
The Steelers stormed past the Broncos 24-17 and now play the Dolphins for the AFC championship

January 07, 1985 | Paul Zimmerman
Chicago's last-quarter assault on Joe Theismann clinched an upset victory over Washington

January 07, 1985 | Ralph Wiley
San Francisco struck for two quick TDs and then the defense did the rest in a 21-10 victory over the Giants

January 07, 1985 | Jack McCallum
Bombed and burned by Seattle a year ago, Miami's D was worthy of its celebrated O this time as the Dolphins romped

January 07, 1985 | Alexander Wolff

January 07, 1985 | Jaime Diaz

January 07, 1985 | E.M. Swift

January 07, 1985 | Ralph Wiley

January 07, 1985 | Compiled by SANDY KEENAN
PRO BASKETBALL—As the only Western Conference team to go unbeaten last week, the Lakers ran their winning streak to seven games and their record to 22-10, five games better than that of Pacific...

January 07, 1985
J.D. WISWALLMONTGOMERY, ALA.J.D., 13, won three junior events—the jumping, slalom and overall—at the U.S. Water Ski National Championship in Zachary, La. He also holds the national boys junior...

January 07, 1985 | Edited by Steve Wulf

January 07, 1985 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Brigham Young football coach La Veil Edwards, on whether speed or quickness is more important in a wide receiver: "We'd like our receivers to have both, but if they had both, they'd be at USC."

January 07, 1985
Sir:I finally finished your extensive special Olympic preview issue (July 18). Good job.RICHARD ALEC KIRCHNERGainesville, Fla.