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February 04, 1985 | Volume 62, Issue 5

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Walter Berry Cover - Sports Illustrated February 04, 1985

February 04, 1985 | Alexander Wolff

February 04, 1985 | Craig Neff
Jim Howard, from Nolan Ryan's hometown, pitched himself to an American high jump record

February 04, 1985 | Steve Wulf

February 04, 1985 | Bob Ottum

February 04, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Bill Brubaker generally works on stories that entail extra digging, but don't call him an investigative reporter. "The term's redundant," he says. "If a reporter doesn't dig, he isn't doing his job."

February 04, 1985 | Franz Lidz

February 04, 1985 | Anita Verschoth
So says Paola Magoni, who won Olympic gold thanks to her driven dad

February 04, 1985 | Bob Ottum
Question: What do World Cup skiers do between races and between meals? Answer: They snack a whole lot. Well, it's really more like wolfing: feet up in front of the TV set, a pile of potato chips...

February 04, 1985 | Jaime Diaz
An unbearable adolescence made Larry Krystkowiak a tough Grizzly

February 04, 1985
Roger Jackson

February 04, 1985
CHRIS MULLIN: St. John's 6'6" senior swingman scored 49 points and had 15 rebounds, 10 assists and five steals in Red-men wins over Big East foes Syracuse (82-80 in OT) and Georgetown (66-65).

February 04, 1985 | Bill Brubaker

February 04, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
It's hardly surprising that Mike Burke was unable to resist writing about his many astonishing roles and careers, which is just what he has done in Outrageous Good Fortune (Little, Brown, $19.95)....

February 04, 1985 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum

February 04, 1985 | Edited by Jerry Kirshenbaum
•Harry Neale, coach of the 12-32-7 Vancouver Canucks, shrugging off complaints that his workouts are too tough: "I know my players don't like my practices, but then, I don't like their games."

February 04, 1985 | Compiled by SANDY KEENAN
PRO BASKETBALL—When your division has the two hottest teams in the NBA—Atlantic Division pacesetter Boston and No. 2 Philadelphia—it's nice to play out of the neighborhood, as third-place...

February 04, 1985
MILTON JOHNSONMARIANNA, FLA.Johnson, 56, basketball coach at Chipola Junior College for 23 years, got his 600th win (against 278 losses) in his 30 seasons with a 77-67 victory over Chattahoochee...

February 04, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I was appalled when I read the special report by Bjarne Rostaing and Robert Sullivan on blood doping by some members of the 1984 U.S. Olympic cycling team (, Jan. 21). But I was even more...