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March 18, 1985 | Volume 62, Issue 11

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Fred Lynn Cover - Sports Illustrated March 18, 1985

March 18, 1985 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney

March 18, 1985 | Edited by Douglas S. Looney
•Sparky Anderson, Detroit Tiger manager, asked by a sportscaster if it would be harder to win the World Series a second time: "Yes, because everybody is gunning for you."

March 18, 1985 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Hoyas heated up for an NCAA title defense by KO'ing all comers in the Big East tournament

March 18, 1985 | Alexander Wolff
Short on depth but long on heart, Georgia Tech won three games in 51 hours to take the ACC tourney

March 18, 1985 | Jack Falla
In a revealing home-and-home showdown, the Flyers got physical and caught up with the Patrick Division-leading Capitals

March 18, 1985 | Ron Fimrite

March 18, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Gray and static as it may look on the page, a magazine's masthead is a living, breathing, changing thing. Indeed, sharp-eyed readers will notice that one familiar name is absent from our masthead...

March 18, 1985 | Jamie James
In play-for-pay polo, the superstars like Florida-base Memo Gracida are whacking out handsome salaries

March 18, 1985 | Hank Hersch
Wichita State forward Xavier McDaniel is at long last making a name for himself

March 18, 1985 | Roger Jackson

March 18, 1985 | Roger Jackson
ALFREDRICK HUGHES: The 6'5" Loyola of Chicago forward scored 71 points and pulled down 25 rebounds in the Ramblers' three victories en route to the Midwestern City tournament championship.

March 18, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
The so-called Golden Age of Sports gained its luster from a group of men whose exploits were prodigious, among them Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Bill Tilden, Red Grange, Bobby Jones and Tommy...

March 18, 1985 | Craig Neff
Led by silver-shoed Mike Conley, Arkansas soared to the NCAA title

March 18, 1985 | Barry McDermott
In action again after surgery, Fuzzy Zoeller won the Bay Hill Classic

March 18, 1985 | Anita Verschoth
East Germany's Katarina Witt was a cut above the rest at the worlds in Japan

March 18, 1985 | Robert F. Jones

March 18, 1985 | Michael Segell
Since early December, a bright orange ring has been seen traveling remarkable distances above California campuses. This strange flying object can be thrown farther than anything else that can be...

March 18, 1985 | Sandy Keenan
The recession of the early 1980s hit Detroit hard. While the Motor City was idling, enrollment at Wayne State, a commuter school in the inner city, was dropping. It dropped from 34,408 students in...

March 18, 1985
TOM MESKANWASHINGTONMeskan, 28, a lobbyist for the National Association of Realtors and a center for the Washington Blazers in the National Novice Hockey League, made a shorthanded hat trick in a...

March 18, 1985 | Compiled by JOY DUCKETT CAIN
PRO BASKETBALL—The Detroit Pistons lost the use of their home court for the rest of the regular season when the roof of the Pontiac Silverdome caved in after a heavy snowfall. The Pistons beat New...

March 18, 1985
JOAN BENOITSir:My appreciation to Kenny Moore for as well-crafted an article as has been my pleasure to read (Her Life Is In Apple Pie Order, March 4). The qualities exemplified by Joan Benoit as...