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June 10, 1985 | Volume 62, Issue 23

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cover - Sports Illustrated June 10, 1985

June 10, 1985 | Fred Brack
Little League was new to Grandville, Mich. the year we moved there from our farm, but Grandville boys soon began playing their way into the top echelons of the greater Grand Rapids Little League....

June 10, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
First things first.

June 10, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz

June 10, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz
•John Thompson, Georgetown basketball coach, on the news that graduated Hoya star Patrick Ewing has a 1-year-old son, Patrick Jr.: "We sat down and had a personal discussion about it. I gave him a...

June 10, 1985 | Clive Gammon

June 10, 1985 | Craig Neff
The chilling reality is that spectator violence in the U.S. could conceivably yield a sporting disaster to compare with the one in Belgium. "We have all the ingredients," says social psychologist...

June 10, 1985 | Alexander Wolff

June 10, 1985
Robert L. Miller

June 10, 1985 | William Taaffe
Yes, as we've been told a million times, the NBA is fantastic, but not the way it's presented on CBS. The network 1) airs most of the playoff games after all sensible Americans have gone to sleep;...

June 10, 1985 | E.M. Swift
Having dispatched Philly in five, the young Edmonton Oilers can look ahead to a long NHL reign

June 10, 1985 | Kenny Moore
Francie Larrieu Smith jumped the tracks to victory in the L'eggs 10K

June 10, 1985 | Barry McDermott
Overcoming a slow-play penalty, Nancy Lopez won another LPGA

June 10, 1985 | Michael Baughman
A few years back I took Bill and Dick Kimbrough, two dedicated bird hunters from Houston, out after mountain quail in the Cascade Mountains near my home in southern Oregon. To their great...

June 10, 1985 | Rick Reilly
No other pitcher can match the 10-0 start of Texan Andy Hawkins

June 10, 1985 | Henry Hecht
In Boston, Wade Boggs has been heard singing I Love L.A. and California Here I Come. In Baltimore, the Orioles are so desperate for a second baseman to replace weak-hitting Rich Dauer that they...

June 10, 1985 | Henry Hecht
Mike Schmidt may have committed 26 errors last year and nine so far this season, but he remains skeptical about the Phillies' decision to move him from third base to first to accommodate rookie...

June 10, 1985 | Henry Hecht
CARLTON FISK: The White Sox catcher, hit .500 with five homers and 13 RBIs, two of which were game-winners. On Wednesday he had two HRs, and Thursday he reached the Comiskey Park roof.

June 10, 1985 | Robert F. Jones

June 10, 1985 | Morin Bishop
When Al Lewis talks about his passion, basketball, it's easy to fall into the role of vaudeville straight man. One can almost see the garish footlights, the dancing girls, the rubes in the...

June 10, 1985 | Jay Feldman
In the fall of 1942, faced with the possible cancellation of major league baseball for the duration of World War II, Chicago Cubs owner Philip K. Wrigley came up with a way of keeping the ball...

June 10, 1985
BRIAN THOMASEUGENE, ORE.Thomas, a senior third baseman at Lewis-Clark State College, hit his 92nd career double in a 10-8 win over Washington State to break the NCAA alltime record for doubles,...

June 10, 1985 | Compiled by SANDY KEENAN
COLLEGE BASEBALL—Miami trounced top-ranked Stanford 17-3 in the first week of play at the eight-team College World Series in Omaha, Mississippi State beat Oklahoma State 12-3, Texas defeated...

June 10, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
WALKER IN STRIDESir:As a devoted Generals follower, I read with great interest Douglas S. Looney's May 27 cover story A Runner On A Roll. With national exposure like this, maybe more people will...