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July 29, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 5

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Zola Budd Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1985

July 29, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz

July 29, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz
•Tommy Lasorda, Los Angeles Dodger manager: "To err is human, to forgive divine. I forget who said that, but I think it was Joey Amalfitano."

July 29, 1985 | E.M. Swift

July 29, 1985 | Barry Mcdermott

July 29, 1985 | Kenny Moore
A year after their collision in the Olympics, Mary Decker Slaney settled her score with Zola Budd

July 29, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
One look at the paintings that accompany the story on Bobby Fischer in this issue (page 70), and you might think that artist Greg Spalenka works in a dank dungeon and resembles Heathcliffe or...

July 29, 1985 | Jill Lieber

July 29, 1985 | Bob Ottum
Pedaling behind a pace car, John Howard streaked to an awesome land speed record

July 29, 1985 | William Taaffe
Larry King, the versatile talk-show host, probes sports and a lot else

July 29, 1985 | Craig Neff
Traded at last, Buddy Bell wound up with his father's old ball club

July 29, 1985 | Henry Hecht
The All-Star Game was just what the people who built the Metrodome deserved: a boring party with very dull guests. Goose Gossage called the crowd "50,000 mannequins." Said George Brett, "Playing...

July 29, 1985 | Henry Hecht
As a punchless American League lost the All-Star Game last week, a man who might have provided some clout watched the game from his Newport Beach, Calif. home. If Reggie Jackson had a bad taste in...

July 29, 1985 | Henry Hecht
TOM SEAVER: The 40-year-old White Sox righthander won the 298th game of his career with a 1-0, four-hit shutout of Cleveland. Seaver, left off the All-Star team, raised his season record to 10-7.

July 29, 1985 | Douglas S. Looney
A son of the great Niatross won the Meadowlands Pace at a sizzling clip

July 29, 1985 | J. Austin Murphy
About 15 million Americans periodically shelve their running shoes to recover from such road-induced injuries as shin-splints, stress fractures and muscle tears and pulls. If you are among them,...

July 29, 1985 | William Nack

July 29, 1985 | Dan Levin
"It was not a celebrated event. It was an Olympic trial.... But no tickets were sold, and the community in which it was held...largely ignored it." So begins The Amateurs (William Morrow, $14.95),...

July 29, 1985 | Richard Phelan
The National Park Service moves its men around the country as briskly as some corporations do. In a 40-year career, a ranger may serve in eight or 10 national parks and monuments. But one ranger,...

July 29, 1985
CEDRIC LANDRUMSWEET WATER, ALA.Landrum, a University of North Alabama center-fielder, set a Gulf South Conference single-season record of 69 steals to end his career with 150. He also established...

July 29, 1985 | Compiled by BAILEY BREENE
BOWLING—DAVID OZIO won $16,000 and the Tucson Open title by defeating top-seeded Mike Durbin 198-153.

July 29, 1985
BORIS BECKERSir:Curry Kirkpatrick's story on Boris Becker (Das Wunderkind, July 15) was superb. The kid is only 17 years old, and he is very impressive. But I think Becker has one thing to think...