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August 12, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 7

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Tony Dorsett Cover - Sports Illustrated August 12, 1985

August 12, 1985 | Craig Neff
Tom Seaver added more luster to an already brilliant career by winning his 300th victory before some old friend in New York

August 12, 1985 | Bruce Anderson
On April 11, 1967, nine days before Tom Seaver won his first game, a skinny lefthanded hitter from Panama named Rod Carew lined a Dave McNally slider up the middle for his first big league hit. At...

August 12, 1985 | Douglas S. Looney

August 12, 1985 | Curry Kirkpatrick

August 12, 1985 | William Oscar Johnson
For two decades, towns and teams have been tearing up grass playing fields and replacing them with artificial turf, on the theory that ersatz sod is better than the real stuff. This 21-page report...

August 12, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Assistant managing editor Jerry Kirshenbaum is glowing with pride these days. Last Thursday his wife, Susan, a writer with the popular ABC-TV soap opera All My Children, won an Emmy. She and her...

August 12, 1985 | Ron Fimrite

August 12, 1985 | John Underwood

August 12, 1985 | Paul Zimmerman
Here are some interesting stats about artificial turf and the NFL: From 1978 through '84, teams playing their home games on grass have had a better collective record, every year, than...

August 12, 1985 | Richard Demak
When most people wake up on a rainy morning, they think nothing of it. It may mean a little inconvenience: wearing a raincoat, taking an umbrella, allowing extra time to get to work. For me,...

August 12, 1985 | Jack Falla
Wade Boggs and George Brett are great pals and fierce AL rivals

August 12, 1985 | Henry Hecht
Baseball's two most prominent hostages, Bert Blyleven and John Candelaria, were freed from last place last week in a couple of strange and interrelated deals. The Angels, who coveted Blyleven,...

August 12, 1985 | Henry Hecht
DWIGHT GOODEN: The Mets' star beat Montreal 2-0 and Chicago 4-1 with a pair of five-hitters to lower his ERA to 1.57. Now 17-3, Gooden also broke Tom Seaver's club record of 10 wins in a row.

August 12, 1985 | Henry Hecht
According to an INSIDE PITCH survey, only 8% of all position players in the majors do not wear a batting glove at the plate. Here is a list of some of the more notable players who go barehanded:

August 12, 1985 | Compiled by BAILEY BREENE
BOWLING—BOB CHAMBERLAIN defeated Jim Pencak 245-215 to win his second PBA title and $18,000, in Waukegan, Ill.

August 12, 1985
P.J. KURTHEL TORO, CALIF.P.J., 11, a shortstop for the Little League Cardinals, caught a bases-loaded line drive, doubled one runner off second and tagged another out for an unassisted triple play...

August 12, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
ELUSIVE CHESS CHAMPIONSir:Your July 29 article Bobby Fischer was a masterpiece. William Nack's account of his hunt for the reclusive Fischer read like an excerpt from a Robert Ludlum novel. But I...

August 12, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz

August 12, 1985 | Edited by Franz Lidz
•A.J. Duhe, Miami Dolphins linebacker, after his fifth operation in the last 18 months: "The next time I see a doctor, it better be for an autopsy."