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October 28, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 19

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Steve Balboni Cover - Sports Illustrated October 28, 1985

October 28, 1985 | Hank Hersch
Miami upset No. 1 Oklahoma even before the kickoff. The Hurricanes held a pregame players-only psych-up session, stormed to midfield, greeted the incoming Sooners with pointed fingers and then...

October 28, 1985 | Hank Hersch
OFFENSE: Sophomore Dale Klein, who had twice lost his placekicking job this season, tied an NCAA record with seven field goals (in seven attempts) in Nebraska's 28-21 victory over winless Missouri.

October 28, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Time to hand out midterm grades to this year's first-round draft choices. Most receive C's or incompletes, but the following are making real progress:

October 28, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Jimmy Raye, Tampa Bay's offensive coordinator, is still not sure what happened on Sept. 17. "I was jogging near the airport," he says, "and I ran underneath an underpass and started to turn...

October 28, 1985 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Ron Jaworski, the Eagles' 34-year-old quarterback, completed 22 of 35 passes for 380 yards, including the winning touchdown with 10:07 left, in Philadelphia's 16-14 upset over the Cowboys.

October 28, 1985 | Robert F. Jones
I'm in love with an odd-looking gal. She stands only 4'3½" and weighs about 600 pounds, but to me she's lovely. Ah, those big, dark-brown eyes, that lustrous brown hide gleaming with black and...

October 28, 1985 | Alexander Wolff
Dear Mom and Dad:Tapocketapocketapocketa. That's the sound James Thurber's Walter Mitty heard as he imagined himself piloting a Navy hydroplane, and preparing for delicate surgery, and leading an...

October 28, 1985 | Michael Baughman
I've done plenty of camping, hunting and fishing, so I'm familiar with tents and backpacks, cook stoves and lanterns, insect repellents and freeze-dried foods. Last fall, however, I decided to...

October 28, 1985 | Anthony R. Cannella
Only a child could have loved that park. Thick with dust and thin on amenities, it was actually little more than a field marked by wavering chalk lines, a rusted goalpost and a backstop made from...

October 28, 1985 | Compiled by CLAIRE BAILEY GENDRON
BASEBALL—The Kansas City Royals overcame a three-games-to-one deficit to win the American League Championship Series over the Toronto Blue Jays in seven games, while the St. Louis Cardinals...

October 28, 1985
CHARLES M. MALIAPORTLAND, MAINEMalia, 41, has coached Cheverus High to every state Class A cross-country and indoor and outdoor track title since 1980. In 16 years, he has led the Stags to a...

October 28, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
WINNINGEST COACHSir:Thank you very much for the fine article about The Coach, Grambling's Eddie Robinson (Here's To You, Mr. Robinson, Oct. 14). Rick Reilly's review of the many obstacles Robinson...

October 28, 1985 | Rick Telander
Outfielder Harold Baines of the Chicago White Sox stood beneath the Comiskey Park centerfield bleachers and asked himself the age-old baseball question: Is it me, or is it art? Baines wasn't...

October 28, 1985 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

October 28, 1985 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Spike Dykes, Texas Tech defensive coordinator, on 5'2" wide receiver Tyrone (Smurf) Thurman: "We try for four years to teach players to stay low. Tyrone's already there."

October 28, 1985 | Ron Fimrite

October 28, 1985 | Craig Neff
In the heart of America, people reveled in a Series wrapped up in Cardinal red, the white stripes of I-70 and Royal blue

October 28, 1985 | Rick Reilly

October 28, 1985 | Robert L. Miller
Although her own participation was pretty much limited to playing stationary guard in high school, SI picture researcher Eileen Miller has never strayed far from the basketball court. And Miller,...

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
Awakening echoes of the great Bill Russell, Patrick Ewing leads a prime rookie crop into the pros

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
The notion that no defense is played in the NBA is wrong. The better teams clearly have the best D, and they're constantly improving it

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
In the isolation play above, player 1 goes it alone against A. Player C may double-team 1; otherwise he must stay in the weak-side upper zone. If player B visits the strong side of the lane for...

October 28, 1985 | Jaime Diaz

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
What don't you like about the BOSTON CELTICS? Their sneakers, maybe. Even point guard Danny Ainge doesn't like them. They've scrapped the distinctive green ones and gone to some shiny black models...

October 28, 1985 | Jaime Diaz
Things would be easier for MILWAUKEE coach Don Nelson if his Bucks, the NBA's version of the little engine that could, could boost their horsepower. Yes, Milwaukee won its sixth straight...

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
"We used to be the Mid-Least; now we're the Mid-Best." The line belongs to Frank Layden, which is as good a reason as any to put his UTAH JAZZ on top. Anybody could finish first here except the...

October 28, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax

October 28, 1985 | Jack McCallum
So, how do you beat the NBA jinx—the failure of any team to repeat as champion since the Celtics did it in 1968 and 1969? The LOS ANGELES LAKERS might do it this way: with a center named...

October 28, 1985 | Kenny Moore