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December 23, 1985 | Volume 63, Issue 28

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Cover - Sports Illustrated December 23, 1985

December 23, 1985 | Franz Lidz

December 23, 1985 | Lisa Twyman
This season, ABC's Monday Night Football became the first live TV sports series to be fully closed-captioned for the hearing-impaired. Until now only supplementary information, such as downs and...

December 23, 1985 | Bil Gilbert

December 23, 1985 | Austin Murphy
Who's the top pivotman? That hole in the middle is getting crowded

December 23, 1985

December 23, 1985
WILLIAM MILLS: Arkansas's 6'7" junior forward had 12 rebounds and 28 points—both career highs—including five points in overtime to lead the Razorbacks past previously undefeated Ohio State 79-70.

December 23, 1985 | Jill Lieber
Timeout for awards to some of the NFL's big gainers and losers in 1985. The envelopes, please:

December 23, 1985 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: Wide receiver Art Monk caught 13 passes for 230 yards and one touchdown to help rally the Washington Redskins from a 24-7 second-quarter deficit to a 27-24 victory over Cincinnati.

December 23, 1985 | Paul Heidelberg
Boxing was an enduring passion in the life of Nobel-prizewinning novelist Ernest Hemingway from his adolescence on. At 16 he was already trading punches with his friends, using his mother's music...

December 23, 1985 | Patsy Ruth Miller
When Pete Rose finally broke Ty Cobb's record I was glad for Rose, but I felt a twinge of regret that Cobb was no longer the greatest ballplayer of all time. And when I read some of the...

December 23, 1985 | William Taaffe
It's time to celebrate the best, worst and weirdest in TV sports

December 23, 1985 | Michael Baughman
Things weren't going awfully well for me. I was a college dropout, and my worldly possessions consisted of $12 and change, an Army surplus sleeping bag and an old suitcase stuffed with dirty...

December 23, 1985 | Compiled by JAMES E. REYNOLDS
PRO BASKETBALL—The Pacific Division-leading Lakers won one game before their eight-game winning streak was snapped by Denver 124-120. Second-place Portland won two of three games. Seattle had a...

December 23, 1985
KUBWAINDIANAPOLISKubwa, a 6½-foot, 3,050-pound African elephant, defeated seven members of the NFL's Colts in a best-of-three tug-of-war at the Indianapolis Zoo. Kubwa's trainer urged her to let...

December 23, 1985 | Edited by Gay Flood
BEAN'SSir:Three cheers for John Skow's very informative article on L.L. Bean (Using The Old Bean, Dec. 2). I'm only 15, yet I love Bean's as if it were my best friend. Whenever I am in need of...

December 23, 1985 | N. Brooks Clark
Phtt-phtt-phtt-phtt-phtt-phtt. That's the sound of a skipping rope as it swings through the air. The sound is music to the ears of the Skip Its, an internationally acclaimed demonstration team of...

December 23, 1985 | Edited by Craig Neff and Robert Sullivan

December 23, 1985 | Edited by Craig Neff and Robert Sullivan
•Stanley Barowski, a Harrisburg, Pa. security officer, after helping to subdue boxer Gerry Cooney in a bar brawl: "Larry Holmes got $10 million against him and we got $7.50 an hour."

December 23, 1985 | Rick Telander
The Cowboys stunned the Giants with two touchdowns late in the first half and won the NFC East championship

December 23, 1985 | Jack Falla
The great Bobby's son is firing 'em like the old man on collegiate rinks in the Midwest

December 23, 1985 | Douglas S. Looney
A matchup of unbeatens became a mismatch as Fresno State crushed Bowling Green 51-7 in the California Bowl

December 23, 1985 | Paul Zimmerman

December 23, 1985 | Frank Deford

December 23, 1985
Like every year, this one had its ups and downs. For motor-boat driver Enrico Vidoli of Italy, Sept. 15 was a definite down. He and his 550-hp catamaran were charging along at 140 mph in a Grand...

December 23, 1985 | Donald J. Barr
Over the years stories still aromatic with the smell of liniment and sweat have graced the pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED alongside the work of outstanding photographers and artists. In this issue,...

December 23, 1985 | Gary Smith

December 23, 1985
Old stuff. Junk. Taken piece by piece, that is what the bulk of the sports-related memorabilia at the National Museum of American History of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. might...