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January 06, 1986 | Volume 64, Issue 1

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Mike Tyson Cover - Sports Illustrated January 06, 1986

January 06, 1986 | Paul Zimmerman

January 06, 1986 | Bob Kravitz
Despite its injuries and off-ice woes, Edmonton is on track for a third straight Stanley Cup

January 06, 1986 | William Nack

January 06, 1986 | Alexander Wolff

January 06, 1986 | Ron Fimrite

January 06, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
In August 1954 when the first issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was published, for an audience not particularly breathless with anticipation, one group of fans was indeed holding its collective breath....

January 06, 1986 | Franz Lidz
No, it's sweet Lynette Woodard, who lends a feminine touch—and new vitality—to the Globetrotters

January 06, 1986 | Barry McDermott
Only 14, Mary Joe Fernandez has won every Orange Bowl tennis title

January 06, 1986 | Austin Murphy
Steve Alford's sharpshooting has Indiana back on a winning track

January 06, 1986

January 06, 1986
FREDDIE BANKS: UNLV's junior guard made two all-tournament teams in five days, scored 64 points in four games, sank 14 of 15 free throws and hit on a last-second 20-foot jumper to beat UAB 73-72.

January 06, 1986 | Bil Gilbert

January 06, 1986 | Compiled by DUNCAN BRANTLEY
PRO BASKETBALL—The division leaders held their positions, but there was some shuffling beneath them. Philadelphia, which had been playing mediocre .500 ball, went on the biggest tear, winning all...

January 06, 1986
JODY FOXWHITE SHIELD, N. DAK.Jody, 13, an eighth-grader at White Shield High, won the Class B girls' state high school cross-country title for the second consecutive year. She defeated Tina Mauer,...

January 06, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
SPORTSMANSir:You have finally done it! You have given your ultimate award to the ultimate athlete. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Now, More Than Ever, A Winner, Dec. 23-30) will live in NBA history as the...

January 06, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

January 06, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Larry Robinson, Montreal Canadiens defenseman, on being named NHL Player of the Week: "Was Wayne Gretzky sick?"