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March 03, 1986 | Volume 64, Issue 9

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Larry Bird Cover - Sports Illustrated March 03, 1986

March 03, 1986 | Jack McCallum

March 03, 1986 | Ivan Maisel
The Hawkeyes brought a two-year winning streak to archrival Iowa State only to have it swept away by the vengeful Cyclones

March 03, 1986 | Rick Reilly

March 03, 1986 | Alexander Wolff
As March approached, Louisville once again mounted its assault on college basketball's summit

March 03, 1986 | Hank Hersch

March 03, 1986 | Hank Hersch
Kansas City may have won the World Series, but the club lost badly at the arbitration table. In all three cases, the players cashed in. Saberhagen turned his Cy Young Award into a $765,000 raise....

March 03, 1986 | Bob Kravitz

March 03, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
Reporter Austin Murphy, our Basketball's Week writer, doesn't mean to bite the hand that used to feed him, but the newsletter he mails to his seven siblings does gum, nibble and maybe even gently...

March 03, 1986 | Clive Gammon

March 03, 1986 | Roger Jackson
Miami O.'s Ron Harper can do it all, and NBA scouts are panting

March 03, 1986 | Austin Murphy

March 03, 1986 | Austin Murphy
LEN BIAS: Maryland's 6'8" senior forward had three blocks and 17 straight free throws and scored 65 points: 35 in a 77-72 OT upset of top-ranked North Carolina, 30 in a 77-70 loss to No. 5 Georgia...

March 03, 1986 | Jack Falla
Czech-born Miro Zajonc has raised hopes that this country will soon slide to the top

March 03, 1986 | Frank Deford

March 03, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff

March 03, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Jack Mansell, forward for fourth-ranked Georgia Tech, on his backup role: "If you're not going to play, you might as well not play for the best."

March 03, 1986 | Compiled by JAMES E. REYNOLDS
PRO BASKETBALL—Central Division-leading Milwaukee went 4-0, with Sidney Moncrief leading the team in scoring in three of the games. Moncrief wound up with 31 points as he rallied the Bucks from an...

March 03, 1986
MARK BOUSSYQUINCY, MASS.Boussy, 22, a senior forward on Norwich University's hockey squad, scored hat tricks in consecutive games. The first came in a 7-2 win over UMass. and the second in a 5-4...

March 03, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
FLO HYMAN'S LEGACYSir:The article (Marfan Syndrome: A Silent Killer, Feb. 17) by Richard Demak on Flo Hyman's death was a significant piece of journalism. I respect the Hyman family for requesting...