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April 21, 1986 | Volume 64, Issue 16

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated April 21, 1986

April 21, 1986 | Jeremiah Tax
SI readers know Bil Gilbert. For 20-odd years, his wise, vigorously iconoclastic views of world ecology have brightened these pages. This month the University of Nebraska Press is publishing some...

April 21, 1986
ANGEL MYERSAMERICUS, GA.Myers, a freshman at Fur-man, set NCAA Division II swimming records in the 100-yard freestyle (50.62), 100-yard butterfly (55.82) and the 200-yard individual medley...

April 21, 1986 | Compiled by BAILEY BREENE GENDRON
PRO BASKETBALL—In its next to last regular-season game, Chicago clinched the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The Bulls did it with a 105-103 win over Washington, a result that...

April 21, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
REGGIESir:As I read Rick Reilly's article on Reggie Jackson (That's Not All, Folks, March 31), I thought about the fact that big-name baseball players often seem to overstay their welcome. I know...

April 21, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff

April 21, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Mychal Thompson, Portland Trail Blazer forward, on the team's injured center, Sam Bowie: "He's our Manute. Without him, we're minute."

April 21, 1986 | Rick Reilly

April 21, 1986 | Bob Kravitz

April 21, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney

April 21, 1986 | Hank Hersch
The opener this fall will be against Salem (W. Va.) College in a stadium called the Rubber Bowl. The home team will be the Akron Zips, or, as the players are now referring to themselves, the Akron...

April 21, 1986

April 21, 1986 | John Garrity
For Smitty the Jumper, retired sign painter, ballroom-dancing teacher and sex symbol, the winter past, his 87th, blew hot and cold. Smitty's vision grew cloudier, his hearing worsened, and his...

April 21, 1986 | E.M. Swift
It is tempting to wax eloquent about various vernal harbingers: the budding willows along a river's shoreline, the distant drumming of a ruffed grouse, a mayfly hatch—that sort of thing. But the...

April 21, 1986 | E.M. Swift

April 21, 1986 | Jack McCallum
San Antonio's Alvin Robertson is pro basketball's new Man of Steal

April 21, 1986 | Steve Fiffer
"Swimming laps," says Kip Fuller, 30, a Denver-based inventor, "makes for terrific exercise. But let's face it, it's one of the most boring activities in the world."

April 21, 1986 | Peter Gammons

April 21, 1986 | Peter Gammons

April 21, 1986 | Peter Gammons
Here are the leaders in various categories so far in the 1980s:

April 21, 1986 | Craig Neff
His Kansas City teammates swarmed around him. The crowd of 24,332 in Royals Stadium rose to its feet. Dennis Leonard had just pitched a 1-0 three-hitter that was more than a mere shutout. It was...

April 21, 1986 | Rick Reilly

April 21, 1986 | Kate Schmidt
Kate Schmidt, 32, the former world-record holder in the women's javelin, won Olympic bronze medals in that event in 1972 and '76. She is on the board of directors of The Athletics Congress, the...

April 21, 1986 | Armen Keteyian
To understand the true meaning of that coaching cliché "building a program" let your fingers do some walking through the yellowed cards in Jim Dietz's Rolodex. Let's see now, Is this guy a coach...

April 21, 1986 | William Jaspersohn
Schuyler Thomson loves wooden canoes. He has built, paddled and poled them, guided wilderness trips in them, won a national downriver championship in one and, since 1979, has made a full-time...