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June 16, 1986 | Volume 64, Issue 24

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Kevin McHale Cover - Sports Illustrated June 16, 1986

June 16, 1986 | Jack McCallum

June 16, 1986 | Richard Demak
In a bizarre episode during the NCAA 10,000-meter race, Kathy Ormsby ran off the track, with tragic consequences

June 16, 1986 | Curry Kirkpatrick

June 16, 1986 | Bruce Newman

June 16, 1986 | Sarah Ballard

June 16, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
Many readers who have written to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED in the past few years will recognize the name Ann Scott. She is the head of our letters department, in charge of seeing to it that every one of...

June 16, 1986 | Peter Gammons

June 16, 1986 | Peter Gammons

June 16, 1986 | Peter Gammons
Roger Clemens of the Red Sox is now 10-0, five wins shy of the AL record for most consecutive victories at the start of a season. Here are the best starts in baseball since 1900:

June 16, 1986 | William Nack
The amazing Woody Stephens won his fifth straight Belmont Stakes

June 16, 1986 | Dave Bingham
I first had the idea, crazy as it was, when our local supermarket added a specialty section that included a water tank filled with lobsters. Poor little devils, crawling about in the murky water,...

June 16, 1986 | Clive Gammon
Diego Maradona of Argentina is a marked man with marked skills

June 16, 1986 | Craig Neff

June 16, 1986 | Jim Kaplan
Baseball moves so slowly and changes so fitfully that the arrival of the first comprehensive team video was disquieting. Would Madonna's bare midriff peek out from pinstripes? Would Michael...

June 16, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff

June 16, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Jim Kern, struggling Indians pitcher: "I'm working on a new pitch. It's called a strike."

June 16, 1986 | Franz Lidz
Tucking his hand in his blazer pocket with David Nivenish aplomb, Daniel Topolski looks like a British colonial gent ready for a gin and tonic after a hard day of trying to prevent the sun from...

June 16, 1986 | Nick Taylor
Orlando Wilson was fishing for $101,000 when the sound of a barbershop quartet called the Four Retreads blew in across the lily pads. "Are those guys singing?" he asked, incredulous, abruptly...

June 16, 1986 | Compiled by MORIN BISHOP
PRO BASKETBALL—The Boston Celtics defeated the Houston Rockets four games to two to win their 16th NBA championship (page 12).

June 16, 1986
JIM MAGUIREESCONDIDO, CALIF.Maguire, 37, caught a 47-pound, 42-inch blue catfish on eight-pound-test line to break the record by 6½ pounds. Maguire and his partner, Tom Berg, had previously won a...

June 16, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
CANADIENS' CUPSir:Many thanks to E.M. Swift for his article on the 1986 Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens (In The End The Habs Sure Had It, June 2). The Cup is back home where it belongs.