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July 28, 1986 | Volume 65, Issue 4

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Rickey Henderson Cover - Sports Illustrated July 28, 1986

July 28, 1986 | Rick Reilly

July 28, 1986 | Clive Gammon
The sad saga of British heavyweight boxing bankruptcy continued when Tim Witherspoon KO'd Frank Bruno

July 28, 1986 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The U.S. rose up to defeat the U.S.S.R. in Madrid and win its first world basketball title since 1954

July 28, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney

July 28, 1986 | Peter Gammons

July 28, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
Doug Looney, who wrote the story on the troubled New England Patriots (page 28), describes his own athletic career as "abysmal." The memory of one high school tennis match is especially bleak....

July 28, 1986 | Kenny Moore

July 28, 1986 | Peter Gammons

July 28, 1986 | Peter Gammons
THE SPLIT-FINGERED TYPISTGiants manager Roger Craig now has a daily column in the San Francisco Chronicle, called "Inside the Giants." "Does this mean you have to leave the clubhouse half an hour...

July 28, 1986 | Ivan Maisel
Ask Baltimore reliever Don Aase about being an American League All-Star, and he launches into an Academy Award-like litany of thank-yous. "There are a lot of people I'd like to share this with,"...

July 28, 1986 | Kenny Moore
The competition in Moscow was uneven, but it did have its moments

July 28, 1986 | Ron Fimrite

July 28, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

July 28, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Nancy Lieberman, on how easy it is to , learn the plays in the United States Basketball League: "We don't exactly have Phi Beta Kappas in this league."

July 28, 1986 | James Harmon
Four and a half years ago Corinne Miller of Springfield, Ore., was a victim of the type of harassment that all women runners fear. Miller, then a high school senior, was running along a local road...

July 28, 1986 | Compiled by ROGER JACKSON
BASEBALL—The American League defeated the National League 3-2 at the 57th All-Star Game, in Houston. It was only the second AL triumph in All-Star competition since 1972. Home runs by Kansas...

July 28, 1986
ERNIE SMITHNASHVILLESmith, 35, the girls' basketball and boys' baseball coach at David Lipscomb High, led his teams to state 2A titles this year. The baseball team went 32-2, and the Lady Mustangs...

July 28, 1986
BO'S DECISIONSir:Upon hearing of Bo Jackson's choice of baseball over football (Bo's Not One To Go With The Flow, July 14), there are many who had this reaction: What a waste.LANNY R. MIDDINGSSan...