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August 11, 1986 | Volume 65, Issue 6

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William Perry Cover - Sports Illustrated August 11, 1986

August 11, 1986 | Bob Kravitz
The Angels' division-leading senior citizens head into the stretch knowing they have no time to lose

August 11, 1986 | Craig Neff
The USFL proved part of its case against the NFL only to see the jury throw the winners for a loss

August 11, 1986 | Hank Hersch
Jackie Joyner bravely pushed herself to a second world heptathlon record at the U.S. Olympic Festival in Houston

August 11, 1986 | Rick Telander

August 11, 1986 | Jack McCallum

August 11, 1986 | Steve Wulf

August 11, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
When photographer Bill Ballenberg was assigned to shoot the picture act (page 46) that accompanies the series of articles in this issue on Appleton, Wis., his instructions were short and sweet....

August 11, 1986
Sport is a way of life in Appleton and its environs just as surely as the Fox River flows through the Fox River Valley. As in much of America, the ethos of Appleton is: Work hard, play hard. So...

August 11, 1986 | Jill Lieber
For one SI writer it took years of urban living and a trip back to the Fox Cities to learn to love her hometown

August 11, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney
During Appleton's very own golf championship, it was the worst of golf, but it was the best of times

August 11, 1986 | Rick Telander

August 11, 1986 | Peter Gammons

August 11, 1986 | Peter Gammons
WELFARE CADILLACSThe Pirates are paying Lee Mazzilli $600,000, Sixto Lezcano $625,000, Jason Thompson $800,000, Johnny Le-Master $500,000 and Steve Kemp $1,200,000 not to play.

August 11, 1986 | Compiled by ROGER JACKSON
BOWLING—DON GENALO defeated Tom Milton 235-214 in the final match to win a PBA tournament in Windsor, Ont., and collect the $18,000 winner's check.

August 11, 1986

August 11, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
LEADOFF MENSir:Thank you for Peter Gammons's excellent article on the best leadoff men ever to pick up a bat: Rickey Henderson and Tim Raines (Light Years Ahead Of The Field, July 28). No one else...

August 11, 1986 | Bruce Anderson
Anyone named H. Thomas Steele who sits down to write a book on bowling begins with a handicap. H. Thomas is not a bowling name. Tom is, and Tommy certainly is. Yes, Tommy Steele is simple and...

August 11, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

August 11, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Kent Hrbek, Twins first baseman, on the theory that baseballs are livelier this year: "That's bull. Tony Armas has four home runs. What did they do, send all the dead balls to Boston?"