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August 25, 1986 | Volume 65, Issue 8

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Ron Darling Cover - Sports Illustrated August 25, 1986

August 25, 1986 | Ron Fimrite

August 25, 1986 | William Nack
Phil Gleaves sent Wise Times out to beat his mentor in the Travers

August 25, 1986
Nugget rookie Maurice Martin's wheels were a mile high and then some as pranksters in the Denver front office did a little skyscraping with his BMW. Martin (inset) was a good sport about it.

August 25, 1986 | E.M. Swift

August 25, 1986 | Bruce Newman

August 25, 1986 | Ivan Maisel
Richard Harding and Jefferson would have to love it. Bette, too. The Davis count in the big leagues stands at nine. And if you think that's a lot—Davis is only the seventh most common surname in...

August 25, 1986 | Ralph Wiley

August 25, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
It's three in the morning in a hotel room where one of our writers is tapping furiously at a portable computer. The story is almost finished. Suddenly—pffft!—it disappears from the computer screen...

August 25, 1986 | Sarah Ballard
The San Francisco challenge to rescue the America's Cup from Down Under is a high-tech trip

August 25, 1986 | Kenny Moore
Said Aouita came close but couldn't break Henry Rono's 3,000-meter record

August 25, 1986 | Peter Gammons

August 25, 1986 | Peter Gammons

August 25, 1986 | Bruce Anderson
Mike Dodd, a world championship beach volleyball player, was holding a clinic earlier this summer on the courts at Manhattan Beach, Calif. When he passed out 40 Redsand volleyballs, everything on...

August 25, 1986 | Barry McDermott

August 25, 1986 | Henry Hecht
To those who had merely scratched the surface of the Paul Richards legend, he had two main claims to fame: He devised the oversized catcher's mitt used to handle knuckleballers, and he managed the...

August 25, 1986 | Compiled by JAMES E. REYNOLDS
BASKETBALL—The U.S. women's team, led by Cheryl Miller's 24 points, defeated the Soviet Union 108-88 to win the women's world championship in Moscow. The U.S. team jumped to a 20-point lead after...

August 25, 1986
DAVID KERBYPOINT ARENA, CALIF.David, 13, led the Pirates to second place in the Northern California District Little League with a 9-1 season record. He struck out 153 batters in 55 innings, batted...

August 25, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

August 25, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Mike Flanagan, on fellow Oriole pitcher Mike Boddicker's fastball, which was clocked at an unusually high 88 mph during a recent game in Toronto: "We forgot about the Canadian exchange rate, so...

August 25, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
Sir:I thoroughly enjoyed your feature on sports in Appleton, Wis. (, Aug. 11). I'm a transplanted Appletonian, and reading your series of articles about my hometown was almost as good as going...