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September 29, 1986 | Volume 65, Issue 14

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Lawrence Taylor Cover - Sports Illustrated September 29, 1986

September 29, 1986 | Austin Murphy
They are Boy Scouts in a world without old ladies and intersections. They are Penelope, faithfully awaiting Odysseus' return. They are the Baltimore Colts Marching Band, together and performing...

September 29, 1986
HILLARY SCHLUSEMEYEROCALA, FLA.Hillary, 8, outrode 156 rivals to win the overall championship at the 19th annual hunter pony competition in Culpepper, Va. The event, restricted to riders 18 and...

September 29, 1986 | Compiled by ROGER JACKSON
BOXING—MARVIN JOHNSON of the U.S. stopped Jean-Marie Emebe of Cameroon in the 13th round of their scheduled 15-round bout to retain the WBA light heavyweight championship, in Indianapolis.

September 29, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
LENDL'S LEGIONSSir:I was appalled by your cover billing and story about THE CHAMPION THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT (The Americanovakian Open, Sept. 15). No wonder Ivan Lendl has a poor image—the press...

September 29, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

September 29, 1986 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Joe Brinkman, American League umpire, relating what managers don't say to him during those discussions: "Hey, Joe, good call on that steal play. You were in great position. I admire the way you...

September 29, 1986 | Paul Zimmerman

September 29, 1986 | William Taaffe
As its $2 billion TV contract runs out, the NFL is faced with the bitter truth that high ratings no longer guarantee big money

September 29, 1986 | Ron Fimrite
It was Doggie Day afternoon in Cincinnati as fans and teammates bade farewell to Tony Perez, the symbol of a proud past

September 29, 1986 | Bruce Anderson
With a potent, balanced attack, the Huskies made mush of BYU and thereby settled an old score

September 29, 1986 | William Oscar Johnson

September 29, 1986 | Sam Moses

September 29, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
SI's readers often witness, via television, the same spectacles we cover in these pages. Keeping tabs for us on that other medium, and radio, too, is staff writer Bill Taaffe, whose analysis of...

September 29, 1986 | Sarah Ballard

September 29, 1986
Galloping with a new sun at Belmont is Lady's Secret, Secretariat's greatest offspring, warming up for her victory in the Ruffian Handicap the next day.

September 29, 1986 | Peter Gammons

September 29, 1986 | Peter Gammons

September 29, 1986 | Austin Murphy
Lowly Atlanta, with quarterback David Archer, is 3-0 after upsetting Dallas

September 29, 1986 | Jill Lieber
Three weeks into the season the debate over the new instant replay system rages throughout the NFL. Does the replay clear up bad calls or does it only add to the confusion?

September 29, 1986 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: The Jets' Ken O'Brien (29 of 43 attempts for 449 yards, 4 TDs) and the Dolphins' Dan Marino (30 of 50 for 435 yards, 6 TDs) combined for a record 884 yards as New York beat Miami 51-45.

September 29, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney

September 29, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney
OFFENSE: Wide receiver Cedric Gordon of Division II Ferris (Mich.) State hauled in 10 passes for 264 yards, including 3 for TDs, in a 38-28 win over Clarion of Pennsylvania.

September 29, 1986 | Franz Lidz
Terry Christle doesn't think about boxing when he performs surgery on someone's ailing hip. He doesn't think much about the operating room when he decks an opponent with a left hook. He doesn't...

September 29, 1986 | Hank Hersch
Up in the chinaberry tree is where Mississippians are said to head to chew over old times. They go there these days to ponder the sound and the fury of formerly glorious Ole Miss, which once held...

September 29, 1986 | Barry McDermott
Pat Bradley, once maligned, made a whole career of wins out of '86

September 29, 1986 | Ron Fimrite

September 29, 1986 | Laurence Shames
In the town where I grew up, there were three asphalt tennis courts that scraped the fuzz off tennis balls in about 20 minutes and reduced the life span of sneakers to half a dozen sets. These...