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November 24, 1986 | Volume 65, Issue 23

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Vinny Testaverde Cover - Sports Illustrated November 24, 1986

November 24, 1986 | Peter Alson
Because he didn't live with us, my dad didn't know the full extent of my passion for basketball. There was irony in that, because he had been the one to ignite my interest in the first place,...

November 24, 1986 | Edited by Gay Flood
NFL INJURIESSir:Hats off to Paul Zimmerman for his much needed study of injuries, the most disturbing issue in pro football (The Agony Must End, Nov. 10). I hope Bo Jackson's critics read it and...

November 24, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff And Robert Sullivan

November 24, 1986 | Edited by Craig Neff And Robert Sullivan
•Leon Wood, New Jersey Nets guard, introducing himself to the team's TV commentator, Steve Albert: "Are you any relation to your brother Marv?"

November 24, 1986 | Sarah Ballard

November 24, 1986 | Rick Reilly

November 24, 1986 | Rick Reilly
The art of scheduling entails not only whom you play, but also when you play 'em. The harder the opponent, the softer the marshmallow you want the preceding week. For instance, by season's end:

November 24, 1986 | Hank Hersch
I-I-I-I-I'm not your steppin' stone.—THE MONKEES

November 24, 1986 | Morin Bishop
What's right is right. Up to now Vinny Testaverde has spent his time fattening up on all the patsies on Miami's powder-puff schedule. Soon it will be time for some weak sister—in the NFL—to try to...

November 24, 1986 | Hugh McIlvanney
Mike Tyson hopes to become the youngest heavyweight champion ever by defeating Trevor Berbick

November 24, 1986 | Donald J. Barr
Why is picture researcher-editor Jeff Weig surrounded by crabs?

November 24, 1986 | Armen Keteyian
Tony Hawk, an 18-year-old aerialist from Southern California, is riding the crest of popularity as skateboarding once again enjoys a revival

November 24, 1986 | Craig Neff
Undefeated, unvaliant Michigan lost on an FG by unhailed Gophers

November 24, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney

November 24, 1986 | Douglas S. Looney
OFFENSE: Quarterback Todd Ellis of South Carolina threw for 214 yards and two TDs in a 48-21 win over Wake Forest to set NCAA freshman marks for yardage (2,745) and TDs (19).

November 24, 1986 | Jaime Diaz
On Maui, wealthy pros toasted '86

November 24, 1986 | Jill Lieber
Is Jim McMahon on the trading block? That was the word in Chicago last week before the Bears announced that McMahon's nagging shoulder injury was a torn rotator cuff. What seems certain is this:...

November 24, 1986 | Jill Lieber
OFFENSE: The Rams' rookie quarterback, Jim Everett, in his first NFL game, completed 12 of 19 pass attempts for 193 yards and 3 touchdowns in a last-second 30-28 loss to the New England Patriots.

November 24, 1986 | Morin Bishop
If McMahonian outrageousness is In around the NFL, Giants tight end Mark Bavaro is very much Out. So sparing is his speech, in fact, that hardly anyone around the team noticed he had his jaw wired...

November 24, 1986 | Ralph Wiley
The Patrick Ewing-Bill Cartwright axis is not working out for the Knicks

November 24, 1986 | Bruce Newman

November 24, 1986 | Joseph Monninger
When I first saw Temple University's 1986 schedule printed on a glossy magazine page, it brought back memories. Above the list of games was a motto, something to the effect that Temple Is For...

November 24, 1986
SHAWN BRYSONFRANKLIN, N.C.Shawn, 9, scored all seven touchdowns for the Termites in a 48-0 Little League win over Cherokee. He rushed for six touchdowns on runs of 20, 33, 45, 45, 48 and 57 yards...

November 24, 1986 | Compiled by AMY LENNARD
PRO BASKETBALL—The Hawks, with the best record in the NBA (7-1), continued to soar with wins over Detroit 105-100 and New Jersey 109-90, following a narrow loss—their first of the season—to...

November 24, 1986 | John Harvey
For better or worse, any "serious" baseball novel will be measured against the late Bernard Malamud's The Natural. Happily, Tony Ardizzone's new baseball-drenched allegory, Heart of the Order...

November 24, 1986 | Philip G. Howlett
When I was growing up in Evanston, Ill., in the '30s, I barely knew that the telephone existed. My friends and I didn't use the phone. It never occurred to us. When the football team gathered...