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February 09, 1987 | Volume 66, Issue 6

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Elle Macpherson Cover - Sports Illustrated February 09, 1987

February 09, 1987 | Steve Wulf
With more than 70 shortstops in organized baseball, the tiny, impoverished Dominican Republic has emerged as the world's leading exporter of mediocampistas

February 09, 1987 | Kent Hannon
The Grant twins get wins for Clemson and Oklahoma

February 09, 1987 | Alexander Wolff

February 09, 1987 | Alexander Wolff
Scott Brooks, a 5'11" senior guard for UC Irvine, scored all 27 of his points on three-pointers in a 114-103 loss to UNLV. Morehead State's BOB McCANN, a 6'9" senior center, had 24 points, 14...

February 09, 1987 | Craig Neff
Eamonn Coghlan, 34, won his seventh Wanamaker Mile

February 09, 1987 | Arnold Schechter
In most sports nothing affects performance more than the ability to see clearly and correctly. Whether an athlete is tracking a fly ball, returning a serve or throwing a pass, it is his eyes that...

February 09, 1987 | Jack McCallum
Kiki Vandeweghe is the key key to Portland's resurgence

February 09, 1987 | Douglas S. Looney
U.S. Olympic hopes blossomed at the world sprints

February 09, 1987 | William Oscar Johnson
After decades of moralistic breast-beating over the corruption that money supposedly imparts to the essence of sport, the Olympic movement has at last openly—even —capitulated to the formerly...

February 09, 1987 | Demmie Stathoplos
Christian Ansgar Welp, the 7-foot senior star of the University of Washington basketball team, sat in his small apartment just off campus recently, playing with his pet boa constrictor and...

February 09, 1987 | Bil Gilbert
As others are drawn in imagination and body toward coral reefs and rain forests, I am attracted to permafrost and tundra. My sun shines brightest from the north, and it is toward these regions I...

February 09, 1987 | Pat Jordan
I am a gambler's son. For as long as I can remember, the life of our house has been touched by my father's gambling. No aspect of that life, not even its daily minutiae, escaped that touch. I can...

February 09, 1987 | Clive Gammon
In Baja, Mexico's Lower California, the sun-broiled, mountain-spined peninsula that stretches 800 miles from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, there are two worlds. This long morning Nick, Olto and I had...

February 09, 1987 | Wendy Lebing
The inconveniences didn't stop them. Though tortured by whalebone stays in their corsets and collars, they displayed their bodies and ruined their reputations. When the craze for women's athletics...

February 09, 1987 | Compiled by Hank Hersch
PRO BASKETBALL—It was a notable week for Mark Aguirre and Derek Harper and for their team, Midwest-leading Dallas. Aguirre notched his 10,000th point in one of the Mavs' two losses, a 118-113...

February 09, 1987
SEAN HALLORANROSWELL, GA.In the space of seven weeks, Sean, 14, shot holes in one on both Brookfield West Golf and Country Club's 150-yard 3rd and 169-yard 8th holes. Sean was the Atlanta Junior...

February 09, 1987 | Frank Deford
What's sporting about men pummeling each other?

February 09, 1987 | John F. Berry
Sports is big business, and two years ago when the normally pro-business Reagan Administration proposed an end to tax deductions for all business entertainment expenses, including such things as...

February 09, 1987 | John F. Berry
The new law snips away at the deduction allowed for business ticket purchases.

February 09, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
How do you select your models? That's the question we're asked most often about our annual swimsuit issue. The answer is that, all year long, senior editor Jule Campbell keeps an eye on...

February 09, 1987 | Robert F. Jones
In 1970, before inflation made "collectible" a household word, an antique duck decoy might have sold for $1,000. Last July a preening pintail shaped by Cape Cod's A. Elmer Crowell (1862-1952) from...

February 09, 1987 | Morin Bishop
Reading Jim Byrne's chronicle of the United States Football League, The $1 League: The Rise and Fall of the USFL (Prentice Hall Press, $17.95), is a little like watching a rerun of an old USFL...

February 09, 1987 | William Taaffe
During the telecast of the 1981 Gator Bowl between North Carolina and Arkansas something strange and wonderful happened. Play-by-play announcer Al Michaels pointedly referred to one player as "a...

February 09, 1987 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

February 09, 1987 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Tom Grieve, Texas Rangers general manager, on why he didn't offer a contract to free agent Bob Horner: "I read where he was embarrassed by the $4.5 million Atlanta offered. I didn't want to add...

February 09, 1987 | Sarah Ballard

February 09, 1987 | Sam Moses
Owner Al Holbert took the wheel to help his Porsche team set a record at Daytona

February 09, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick

February 09, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE THREE-POINTERDon't you dare suggest tampering with college basketball's new three-point line (The Three-Point Uproar, Jan. 5)! If the shot is so easy, why don't teams come downcourt and shoot...

February 09, 1987 | Austin Murphy
Dennis Hopson's head is at odds with his body. His gracefully curving limbs give way to a Grace Jones noggin adorned with an aircraft-carrier flattop that is all stark geometry and right angles....

February 09, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
The new LPGA season may renew an old rivalry between Pat Bradley and Nancy Lopez

February 09, 1987 | E.M. Swift

February 09, 1987 | Jule Campbell
The Dominican Republic produces sugar, baseball players and 300 varieties of orchids. It also provides a lush setting for our 1987 swimsuit spectacular. Kathy Ireland, in a Giorgio di Sant' Angelo...