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March 09, 1987 | Volume 66, Issue 10

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Billy Ripken Cover - Sports Illustrated March 09, 1987

March 09, 1987 | Robert W. Creamer
Here's another in a line of what might be called junk-food books. This hamburger is called Explosion! Mickey Mantle's Legendary Home Runs (Arbor House, $18.95), and it's the fourth in a menu...

March 09, 1987 | Edited by Sarah Ballard

March 09, 1987 | Edited by Sarah Ballard
•Sylvester Stallone on the broad appeal of arm wrestling: "You've got guys from MIT and guys who can't spell MIT"

March 09, 1987 | Robert Sullivan

March 09, 1987 | William Taaffe
Ever since last Nov. 12, when he broke the story of the SMU football team's latest, and ultimately fatal, cheating scandal, wisecracking Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen has been a pariah in Big D.

March 09, 1987 | Pat Putnam
Heike Drechsler and Mike Conley set world records as mere warmup acts at Madison Square Garden

March 09, 1987 | Hank Hersch
<b><i>The Baltimore firm of Cal Ripken &amp; Sons last week began restoring a once-proud club that had fallen on hard times</i></b>

March 09, 1987 | Austin Murphy
DePaul became the third Top 20 team to taste defeat on Notre Dame's home court

March 09, 1987 | Franz Lidz

March 09, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
Through the years the Cheltenham suburb of Philadelphia has been called home by personalities as diverse as Ezra Pound and Reggie Jackson. Somewhere between those two extremes lies staff writer...

March 09, 1987 | Jack McCallum

March 09, 1987 | Demmie Stathoplos
Columbia senior Katy Bilodeaux is aiming to be the best woman fencer the U.S. has ever produced

March 09, 1987 | Hank Hersch
Way down yonder in New Orleans, the Bucs are rolling

March 09, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
VISIONS (CONT.)This year's swimsuit issue (Sugar and Spice and, Oh, So Nice, Feb. 9) knocked my socks off, as usual. The photography and location were beautiful, and the suits were stunning! Elle...

March 09, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 09, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Staggering to the finish line, 11 of last week's Top 20 lost 15 games—Indiana and Kansas taking double-dips. Oklahoma a triple. Alabama would have lost had a timekeeper not been operating on TNT...

March 09, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Bruce Lefkowitz, a 6'8" center for Penn, rocked Brown with 31 points and 20 rebounds in a 95-92 overtime victory. Florida State's PEE WEE BARBER, a 5'1" guard, knocked Miami and Southern...

March 09, 1987 | William Nack
At Calgary athletes and sleds displayed better form

March 09, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Tatu scores with goals and discarded garments

March 09, 1987 | Demmie Stathoplos
A Flamingo win made Talinum a Derby contender

March 09, 1987 | E.M. Swift

March 09, 1987 | Brad Lewis

March 09, 1987 | Bruce Newman
At Krabloonik the moose is not 'au chocolat'

March 09, 1987 | Compiled by Bailey Breene Gendron
PRO BASKETBALL—The Lakers swept a midweek home-and-home series with Phoenix, 97-93 and 99-91, polished off Golden State 121-109 for their sixth straight win, then lost 107-100 to Utah. As a...

March 09, 1987
KRISTIN WILSONBEL AIR, MDWilson, a 6'2" senior center, set Sun Belt Conference single-game records for points (-45) and field goals (20) in UNC Charlottes 90-58 victor) over Converse College. Her...

March 09, 1987 | Ron Fimrite
Courageous Dick Howser was just too ill to manage