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March 23, 1987 | Volume 66, Issue 12

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Bob Knight Cover - Sports Illustrated March 23, 1987

March 23, 1987 | Franz Lidz
Under A. Thomas Schomberg's knowing hand, shapes slowly emerge out of the formless lump of modeling wax. A man's head appears. Arms, legs, torso. Finally, a rock climber scaling an unseen...

March 23, 1987 | Edited by Robert Sullivan

March 23, 1987 | Edited by Robert Sullivan
•Billy Gardner, new manager of the Kansas City Royals, upon arriving in Fort Myers, Fla., for the first time in 25 years: "The last time I was here, Howard Johnson's sold only vanilla."

March 23, 1987 | E.M. Swift

March 23, 1987 | Jack McCallum
That's the question facing the Red Sox, who have made boss Haywood Sullivan's son Marc their starting catcher

March 23, 1987 | Alexander Wolff

March 23, 1987 | William Taaffe
Somewhere in the not-too-distant past something fundamental happened to the NCAA tournament. The show became even bigger than the event. Oh, buzzer-beater finishes are still at the heart of it...

March 23, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
I like to study athletes for what they do well, what they do better than anyone," says staff writer Jaime Diaz. One of Diaz's favorite subjects is golf—and with good reason. Take this week's story...

March 23, 1987 | William Oscar Johnson
Peerless Pirmin Zurbriggen clinched a third Cup title on capricious Mount Allan

March 23, 1987 | Jaime Diaz

March 23, 1987 | Bruce Newman

March 23, 1987
SEAN HIGGINSI can't help but get conflicting signals about the entire Sean Higgins situation (Signed, Sealed and Sorry, Feb. 23). It's hard to believe he never gave a "hoot" about UCLA. Preseason...

March 23, 1987 | John Nielson

March 23, 1987 | Austin Murphy
The once woeful Whalers are fishing for a Stanley Cup

March 23, 1987 | Craig Neff

March 23, 1987 | Robert W. Creamer
It's difficult to discuss Bowie Kuhn's autobiography, Hardball: The Education of a Baseball Commissioner (Times Books, $19.95) in a dispassionate manner. On the one hand, the book is a fascinating...

March 23, 1987 | Richard Demak
Undeterred by polio, Jack Keefe is a top backstroker at 71

March 23, 1987 | Joseph Monninger
The gamy place of the author's youth just isn't the same

March 23, 1987 | Tom Hughes
Alex Justin is a hotshot high school baseball player with an ego to match his skills. He knows he's destined to play in the pros, but he's secretly obsessed with what he calls the Moment, when all...

March 23, 1987 | Compiled by Cathrine Wolf
PRO BASKETBALL—In the Central, where the only tight division battle remains, Atlanta stretched its winning streak to 10—the NBA's longest this season—but still couldn't catch Detroit, which had...

March 23, 1987
TIMMY TURNERSAGINAW, MICH.Timmy, 8, a center on the Danti Tool & Die mite hockey team, scored five goals, three of them during a 26-second span in the final period, to rally Danti to a 7-6...

March 23, 1987 | Rick Telander
Woody Hayes was an apostle of primal struggle