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May 18, 1987 | Volume 66, Issue 20

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Isiah Thomas Cover - Sports Illustrated May 18, 1987

May 18, 1987 | Robert Sullivan
Acid rain was a primary topic at the April summit between President Reagan and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Acid rain bills are being debated in Congress. New studies further detail its...

May 18, 1987 | Frank Deford
Some personal reflections on the death of Gus Johnson

May 18, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
JUST A THOUGHTThis season, as baseball celebrates the 40th anniversary of its integration, the Baseball Writers Association of America should consider naming its Rookie of the Year awards after...

May 18, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•John Kerr, Chicago Bulls broadcaster, introducing Julius Erving in his Windy City farewell: "This man had an illustrious high school career, an illustrious college career and an illustrious...

May 18, 1987 | Sam Moses

May 18, 1987 | Alexander Wolff
American import Bob Horner made a smashing debut in Japan: six games, six homers

May 18, 1987 | Jack McCallum

May 18, 1987 | Ron Fimrite

May 18, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
We are always pleased when Athletes we have featured in our FACES IN THE CROWD section go on to bigger and better things, and many have, including 13 who have been SI Sportsman or Sportswoman of...

May 18, 1987 | Austin Murphy
Swedish scorer Pelle Eklund and rookie goalie Ron Hextall powered Philadelphia to a 3-1 playoff lead over Montreal

May 18, 1987 | Rick Reilly

May 18, 1987 | Douglas S. Looney

May 18, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE JOYNERSKenny Moore's story on Jackie and Al Joyner (Ties That Bind, April 27) is a keeper. I intend to save it so my boys can read it when they are older—to reinforce the idea that success is...

May 18, 1987 | Hank Hersch
Sprinter Lee McRae turns fast starts into fast wins

May 18, 1987 | Peter Gammons

May 18, 1987 | Peter Gammons

May 18, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Andres Gomez, a beach boy at heart, beat Yannick Noah in a Forest Hills final

May 18, 1987 | E.M. Swift
Philippe Jeantot won his second BOC Challenge

May 18, 1987 | Kenny Moore

May 18, 1987 | Janet Thomas
Ah, the joy of getting one's first soccer hat trick at age 41

May 18, 1987 | Joseph Monninger
Austria's Ybbs is a dream stream for fishermen

May 18, 1987 | Compiled by Bailey Breene Gendron
PRO BASKETBALL—Los Angeles opened its best-of-seven Western Conference semifinals against Golden State with a 125-116 victory and an NBA playoff-record 49-point third quarter. The Lakers then all...

May 18, 1987