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July 06, 1987 | Volume 67, Issue 1

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated July 06, 1987

July 06, 1987 | Robert W. Creamer
The Dodgers Move West by Neil J. Sullivan (Oxford University Press, $17.95) is a scholarly work that analyzes in dispassionate detail the real reasons why the Brooklyn Dodgers were uprooted in...

July 06, 1987 | Jim Becker
A boyhood dream came up short in Comiskey Park

July 06, 1987 | David Butwin
Faithful reproductions of classic jerseys are setting a trend in Philadelphia

July 06, 1987
BILL LOSAHOUSTONLosa, a freshman DH, led San Jacinto College-North to its third straight NJCAA title, in Grand Junction, Colo., batting .688 (11 for 16) in six games to tie the record set by Kirby...

July 06, 1987 | Compiled by Roger Jackson
BOWLING—PARKER BOHN III defeated Scott Devers 224-195 in the final match to win his first PBA tournament, the Columbia 300 Open, and collect the $18,000 first prize, in Seattle.

July 06, 1987 | Billy Sample
A retired player loved baseball, but not every part of it

July 06, 1987 | Edited by Craig Neff

July 06, 1987 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Tommy John, Yankee pitcher, when asked if a pitch smacked 400 feet for a home run off him by Toronto's George Bell had been out of the strike zone: "It was after he hit it."

July 06, 1987 | Kenny Moore
Old stars and a promising newcomer qualified for the World Championships in Italy

July 06, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Little-known Peter Doohan outboomed Boom Boom in a shocking Wimbledon upset

July 06, 1987 | Hank Hersch
Navy's David Robinson, the top pick in the NBA draft, has an ocean of options

July 06, 1987
It was not just another day. No, it was June 21, the first day of summer and, yes, Father's Day. It was also a Sunday, and in baseball season that's always a special day. The calendar tells us...

July 06, 1987 | Douglas S. Looney
It is a dank, dismal morning in Syosset, N.Y., a good day to pull the covers over your head. Mets catcher Gary Carter, 33, opens one eye at 8:30, awaiting the news from his battered body. "I'm...

July 06, 1987 | Jack McCallum
Like ducks to water, the four Bernazards walk into the Cleveland Indian clubhouse, one behind the other, eldest to youngest, all in full uniform, number 4 on each jersey. It is three hours before...

July 06, 1987 | Alexander Wolff
After 17 years of involuntary polygamy—being married to Ted Simmons and to baseball—Maryanne Simmons has learned to live by several rules, among them, "You don't go to a game on a hot summer...

July 06, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
On Sunday, June 21, we covered every baseball game played in the major leagues. We sent writers and photographers to 13 ballparks, and what they saw and heard can be found over 75 pages in One Day...

July 06, 1987 | Peter Gammons
No matter how things are going, sleep is never a problem for Joe Johnson. It takes his wife, Susan, almost 10 minutes to wake him four hours before his 1:35 start. Toronto will leave for a road...

July 06, 1987 | E.M. Swift
Two hours before game time all is tranquil in the leftfield scoreboard at Fenway Park. Bill Rose, 31, enters the darkened quarters, which are right inside the Green Monster. As usual during home...

July 06, 1987 | Franz Lidz
Wally the Beerman looks with disdain on the crowd filing into the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. "Kids," Wally mumbles. The first 10,000 fans under 14 who show up today to see the Twins play...

July 06, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
ROLE MODELSCongratulations to John Papanek for his POINT AFTER (June 15) on athletes as role models. I agree 110% that demanding higher standards of athletes than of the rest of society is...

July 06, 1987 | Steve Wulf
They say you have to get up pret-ty early in the morning to catch Whitey Herzog. They're right. It's 6:15 a.m., and the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, who are sitting atop the NL East, is...

July 06, 1987 | William Taaffe
It is a sultry day in Maryland, a day of hazy sunshine and slow movement, perfect for listening to Jon Miller's voice. Baseball on the radio is the sound of summer. And Miller, the Orioles' radio...

July 06, 1987 | Rick Telander
The national anthem begins, and the people on the roofs across from Wrigley Field stand. The Cubs are playing the Pirates, and there's no better place to be than on top of one of the three-story...

July 06, 1987 | Bruce Newman
Some umpires have a knack for attracting attention. Retired American League ump Ron Luciano has already published two volumes' worth of memoirs, with more to come. National League veteran Dutch...

July 06, 1987 | Austin Murphy
The bullpens in Oakland Coliseum aren't much, as bullpens go. They look like misplaced bus stops: swatches of green-stained plywood throwing shade on a few crude benches. Instead of warming up...

July 06, 1987 | Bruce Anderson
After 15 years, it was finally time for this fan to have a ball

July 06, 1987 | T. Nicholas Dawidoff