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August 03, 1987 | Volume 67, Issue 5

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Vinny Testaverde Cover - Sports Illustrated August 03, 1987

August 03, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf

August 03, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Mike Archer, the new football coach at LSU, on all the crawfish he has been eating at banquets: "My wife is telling me that if it keeps up, I'll be crawling into our house backward."

August 03, 1987 | John Garrity
With 28 straight victories Salt Lake's Trappers made baseball history

August 03, 1987 | Peter Gammons
When B. Ripken hit town, Baltimore's woes waned in an 11-game winning streak

August 03, 1987 | Franz Lidz
Boris Becker won two tense five-set matches for Germany to relegate the U.S. to the Davis Cup boondocks

August 03, 1987 | Alexander Wolff
Stephen Roche of Dublin came from behind on the next-to-last leg of the Tour de France to become his nation's first winner

August 03, 1987 | Dave Scheiber

August 03, 1987 | Craig Neff

August 03, 1987 | Jill Lieber
A few short months ago Cris Carter could do no wrong. On New Year's Day he caught four passes for 61 yards in the Cotton Bowl to finish his junior season at Ohio State with school records for...

August 03, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
For senior writer Frank Deford the thunderbirds provided an uplifting flight through Americana. For photographer Joe McNally, they inspired awe but also induced queasiness. Taken together, these...

August 03, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Traditionalists say advances in technology have made equipment more telling than superior skill

August 03, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Square grooves function in the rough the same way rain tires do on a wet road. When a ball is hit out of heavy grass, the result is often a "flyer"—a shot that is unpredictable in both trajectory...

August 03, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Many three-piece balls have soft, synthetic balata covers surrounding rubber windings and liquid centers.

August 03, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Irons such as the Ping Eye 2 (immediately below) are more forgiving on mishits because perimeter weight distribution reduces the degree of twist by the club head and enlarges the sweet spot by...

August 03, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
NEW YORK, NEW YORKAs Reds fans, we were amused by the mention of All-Star Eric Davis in Darryl Strawberry's rap recording of Chocolate Strawberry (Taking the Rap, July 13). Therefore we have...

August 03, 1987 | Peter Gammons

August 03, 1987 | Peter Gammons

August 03, 1987 | William Taaffe
Vic Jacobs's 4½ minutes is no ordinary sportscast

August 03, 1987 | Frank Deford

August 03, 1987 | Franz Lidz
Floyd, Lloyd and Troy, the fighting Weaver siblings, can hit hard, harder and hardest

August 03, 1987 | Compiled by Austin Murphy
BASKETBALL—The MIAMI TROPICS, led by 30 points from former NBA guard World B. Free, squeaked past the Rhode Island Gulls 103-99 in the first United States Basketball League championship game, in...

August 03, 1987
JULIE COLLINSCASEY, ILL.Julie, 18, threw nine no-hitters and fanned 380 batters in 174 innings to lead Casey-Westfield High to the Class A state softball final. There she lost the first game of...

August 03, 1987 | Jack McCallum
Rick Pitino deserted Providence, and so his players suffer