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August 24, 1987 | Volume 67, Issue 8

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Jim McMahon Cover - Sports Illustrated August 24, 1987

August 24, 1987 | Brad Lewis
I watched the rowing events at the '76 Olympics in Montreal from the $3 standing-room-only embankment and stood enthralled as Finland's Pertti Karppinen rowed down West Germany's Michael Kolbe in...

August 24, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf

August 24, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•John Brodie, 52, former NFL quarterback and NBC broadcaster, on his new career on the PGA Senior Tour: "My wife said to me the other day, 'My god, you may get to 65 without ever working a day in...

August 24, 1987 | Kenny Moore
The Pan Am Games drew a huge field and provided sparkling moments

August 24, 1987 | Craig Neff
Of the athletic heroes and heroines who emerged during the first week of Pan Am competition, none was more startling than Silvia Poll, a tall, reedy 16-year-old swimmer from Costa Rica. "I time...

August 24, 1987 | Craig Neff
As the Cuban players, their bright red uniforms caked with dust, filed quietly out of Indianapolis's Bush Stadium toward the parking lot last Saturday afternoon, they were in shock at what had...

August 24, 1987 | Hank Hersch
For the finest female softball players of el salvador there was, in a minimal way, hope. Certainly not for a victory over the U.S. in this Pan Am Games opener, and hardly for a hit. But somewhere...

August 24, 1987 | Morin Bishop
Milwaukee's Paul Molitor stretched his hitting streak to 31 games but has far to go to catch Joe DiMaggio

August 24, 1987 | Rick Telander

August 24, 1987 | Frank Deford

August 24, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
As Scorecard editor, Steve Wulf gets some of our more exotic mail—and that's the way he likes it. Recently he received a letter from a former Peace Corps official that contained photocopies of a...

August 24, 1987 | Franz Lidz

August 24, 1987 | Clive Gammon

August 24, 1987
THUNDERBIRDSFrank Deford's article on the Thunderbirds (America the Beautiful's Team, Aug. 3) was outstanding. At the Air Force Academy's graduation in May, the Thunderbirds "screamed" over the...

August 24, 1987 | Gina Maranto
Jockey Julie Krone, 4'10½", looms large at Monmouth

August 24, 1987 | Peter Gammons

August 24, 1987 | Peter Gammons

August 24, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
John Cook won the International, which proved its points

August 24, 1987 | Ron Fimrite

August 24, 1987 | Michael Kiefer
Gaelic football and hurling have a fond following in Chicago

August 24, 1987 | William Taaffe
Cutbacks and chauvinism marred the games' coverage

August 24, 1987 | Compiled by Roger Jackson
BASEBALL—MAT-SU, ALASKA defeated the Wichita (Kans.) Broncos 11-8 to win the National Baseball Congress World Series, in Wichita.

August 24, 1987
LORI McCOYDIABLO, CALIF.Lori, 15, won four gold medals in three European meets as a member of the U.S. junior elite (15 to 18) synchronized swim team. She defeated competitors from 13 other...

August 24, 1987 | Rick Reilly
Ten good reasons Denver deserves a major league team