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December 07, 1987 | Volume 67, Issue 25

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Cover - Sports Illustrated December 07, 1987

December 07, 1987 | Demmie Stathoplos
It is well-known that the "coffee-table" book, so named for its resting place, is an expensive tome that one almost never buys for oneself, and most certainly never reads. Happily, there are...

December 07, 1987 | Bruce Newman
A judge said no to the college drug testing policy

December 07, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf

December 07, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Willie Jeffries, Howard University football coach, on his massive linemen (one weighs more than 400 pounds and six others more than 300): "When we go into a restaurant, we don't look at the menu....

December 07, 1987 | Paul Zimmerman
After 20 hellish seasons, the Saints beat the Steelers to assure a winning record at last

December 07, 1987 | Alexander Wolff

December 07, 1987 | Jaime Diaz
Nothing in golf provides instant gratification like the Skins Game. Sure, it's a contrived event, but it's also the only one that virtually guarantees that someone famous will do something...

December 07, 1987 | Sarah Ballard

December 07, 1987 | Ralph Wiley

December 07, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
When we decided to do the article on Arnold Schwarzenegger (page 80), we knew just whom to cast in the role of the scribe. Dan Geringer, 44, writes features for the Philadelphia Daily News, many...

December 07, 1987 | Morin Bishop
For a while there, the sec, the finest assemblage of college football talent in the land, was in danger of having its third-best team in the Sugar Bowl. Had Alabama defeated No. 9 Auburn last...

December 07, 1987 | Craig Neff
On New York City's taxing Van Cortlandt Park course, Pat Porter won his sixth U.S. cross-country title

December 07, 1987 | Austin Murphy

December 07, 1987 | Douglas Campbell
In their ignorance, the young women on the Cheers II softball team probably believed they were being respectful when they asked Stasia Czernicki to join them one evening last spring. Softball is...

December 07, 1987 | Jill Lieber

December 07, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
PHYSICALITYI enjoyed Bruce Newman's fine article, (Let's Get Physical, Nov. 9) about the unfortunate trend toward more physical play in the NBA. Speed and finesse should be the keys to winning in...

December 07, 1987 | Franz Lidz

December 07, 1987 | Rick Reilly

December 07, 1987 | Hank Hersch

December 07, 1987 | Dan Geringer

December 07, 1987 | T. Nicholas Dawidoff
Not even the draft stopped Notre Dame's Angelo Bertelli

December 07, 1987 | David Guterson

December 07, 1987 | Kevin Cook
John Croyle quit playing football to start a boys home

December 07, 1987 | Compiled by Amy Lennard
PRO BASKETBALL—The Celtics continued to dominate the Atlantic Division despite losses to the Bulls, 107-102, and the Bucks, 112-97. Sandwiched between those losses were wins over the Hawks,...

December 07, 1987
LYNNE STEVERWEBSTER, N.Y.Stever, a senior forward on the Nazareth College women's soccer team, scored five goals in an 8-0 win over Utica College to break by two the women's collegiate career...