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December 14, 1987 | Volume 67, Issue 26

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Bo Jackson Cover - Sports Illustrated December 14, 1987

December 14, 1987 | Franz Lidz
Gary Fanelli runs for laughs in outlandish outfits

December 14, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf

December 14, 1987 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Darrell Royal, former Texas football coach, on why he wouldn't want the job these days: "We bent the rules, but not like now. I was watching the game between Florida State and Miami. They...

December 14, 1987 | Compiled by Merrell Noden
PRO BASKETBALL—After missing the first 14 games of the season following foot surgery, All-Star forward Kevin McHale returned to the Boston lineup, but the Celtics still went just 1-2 for the week....

December 14, 1987
CHARLIE TRAYERREADING, PA.Trayer, 33, a delivery truck driver, won his fourth straight 62.1-mile Great Philadelphia to Atlantic City Road Race, in 6:49:36, beating Jonathan DeHart of Jenkintown,...

December 14, 1987 | Jack McCallum
Most sports events—zzzzz—run far too long nowadays

December 14, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick
When 40,000 fans filled the Hoosier Dome for a double doozy, Kentucky had the most fun of all

December 14, 1987
What better way to get Army's goat than by having a Navy mascot horn in on the Cadet color guard's performance? West Point had the last laugh, though: It beat the Middies 17-3.

December 14, 1987 | E.M. Swift
A blockbuster trade for star defenseman Paul Coffey has playoff hopes abrewing in long-deprived Pittsburgh

December 14, 1987 | Jack McCallum
Portland, winner of nine straight, has unseated the Lakers—for now

December 14, 1987 | Ralph Wiley

December 14, 1987 | Peter Gammons

December 14, 1987 | Armen Keteyian
Dave Smith spends most of his time at home in Olivenhain, Calif., these days, surfing, working out in his home fitness center and listening to the voices in his head. Most of the time they tell...

December 14, 1987 | Robert Sullivan
For Boris Becker, 20 but aging fast, the Masters was a disappointing finale to a difficult year

December 14, 1987 | Donald J. Barr
Everyone knows that winning isn't everything, but few have explored that notion as deeply as senior writer William Nack, who says, "The losing locker room is more interesting than the winning...

December 14, 1987 | Curry Kirkpatrick

December 14, 1987 | Clive Gammon

December 14, 1987 | Edited by Gay Flood
POLLUTIONForecast for Disaster (Nov. 16) by Robbert H. Boyle is the first logical and unemotional piece I have seen on man-made pollution. His case is well researched, well thought-out, well...

December 14, 1987 | William Nack

December 14, 1987 | Jack McCallum
World B. Free is back, launching rockets in Houston

December 14, 1987 | Dave Scheiber
Laura Davies of the U.K. could soon be driving to the top of the women's tour

December 14, 1987 | Morin Bishop

December 14, 1987 | Morin Bishop
WILL PERDUEThe 7-foot Vanderbilt center sparked the Commodores (3-0) to a 78-76 upset victory over North Carolina with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.

December 14, 1987 | Nicholas Dawidoff
"Baseball is reassuring," says the poet Sharon Olds. "It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up." This Sporting Life (Milkweed Editions, $8.50), a praiseworthy collection of...

December 14, 1987 | Bruce Anderson
In Tucson they love Arizona's senior point guard Steve Kerr. They love him because he's an underdog, a guy who went virtually unrecruited because he couldn't jump and was two steps slow. They love...

December 14, 1987 | William Nack