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February 22, 1988 | Volume 68, Issue 8

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Bill Russell Cover - Sports Illustrated February 22, 1988

February 22, 1988 | Jack McCallum

February 22, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

February 22, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Benny Dees, Wyoming basketball coach, bemoaning a recent slump by the Cowboys: "It was so bad my travel agent called me with a play—and I wrote it down."

February 22, 1988 | Daniel P. Wiener
Ray Santa Maria takes skiers beyond posted boundaries and brings them back alive

February 22, 1988 | Compiled by Duncan Brantley

February 22, 1988
WENDY ANDERSENCOKEVILLE, WYO.Wendy, a freshman on the Cokeville High girls' volleyball team, paced the Panthers to their 54th win in a row and third straight 1A state title, with a .521 kill...

February 22, 1988 | E.M. Swift
At the Games, a little bit of patriotism goes a long way

February 22, 1988 | Frank Deford

February 22, 1988 | E.M. Swift
Matti Nykänen of Finland added to an already lusty legend by easily outdistancing the other Olympic competitors in the 70-meter ski jump

February 22, 1988 | Rick Reilly

February 22, 1988 | Donald J. Barr
When reporter Merrell Noden arrived at SI in May 1986, his interest in running was immediately evident. The lanky build, the unmistakable fragrance of used running gear emanating from his office,...

February 22, 1988 | Sam Moses
Richard Petty survived a scary smashup as Bobby Allison won Daytona

February 22, 1988 | Kelli Anderson
"Woman's 100-year search for performance has ended." So claimed the brochure for Terry Precision Bicycles for Women Inc. The bikes certainly sounded good, but I had just begun my own hunt for one...

February 22, 1988 | Hank Hersch

February 22, 1988 | Douglas S. Looney

February 22, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
DEFORD ON BOWLINGFrank Deford Goes Bowling (Jan. 25) was a long-overdue examination of a sport—yes, sport—that many people equate only with recreational activities like miniature golf and going to...

February 22, 1988 | Kenny Moore
Almost a no-show, Brian Abshire gave the indoor season a nice lift with a U.S. record in the 3,000 at the Meadowlands

February 22, 1988 | Clive Gammon

February 22, 1988 | Jaime Diaz

February 22, 1988 | Morin Bishop

February 22, 1988 | Morin Bishop
DANNY MANNINGKansas's 6'10" All-America senior forward had 39 points and seven rebounds in the Jayhawks' 82-72 triumph over Iowa State and 23 and nine in Kansas's 78-68 victory over Oklahoma State.

February 22, 1988 | Peter Gammons
What to watch for as major league camps open