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April 11, 1988 | Volume 68, Issue 15

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Danny Manning Cover - Sports Illustrated April 11, 1988

April 11, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

April 11, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Mackey Sasser, New York Mets catcher, on how he knew his wife was in labor: "I called the doctor, and he told me that the contraptions were an hour apart."

April 11, 1988 | Curry Kirkpatrick

April 11, 1988
The first pitch of the '88 baseball season became the first out as Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox got the Detroit Tigers' Gary Pettis to pop up in Fenway Park.

April 11, 1988 | Alexander Wolff

April 11, 1988 | Alexander Wolff
Each of these five pretenders to the Wooden throne achieved records at Westwood that would have been impressive at almost any school but UCLA. Will Brown, under whom the Bruins made their last...

April 11, 1988 | Austin Murphy
Thanks to rookie Sean Burke's inspired goaltending, the New Jersey Devils squeaked into the playoffs

April 11, 1988 | E.M. Swift

April 11, 1988 | Donald J. Barr
Joe Marshall traveled for six years as a writer for SI, but not until he became director of photography five months ago did he find out what it really means to hit the road. Marshall's new job has...

April 11, 1988 | Hank Hersch
Louisiana Tech subdued Auburn 56-54 at the NCAA women's final in Tacoma

April 11, 1988 | Frank Deford

April 11, 1988 | Jaime Diaz

April 11, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
THE FOREST SERVICEI don't think I've ever read a more discouraging article than The Forest Service Follies (March 14), by John Skow. Considering the $600 million that Skow says the government...

April 11, 1988 | Jaime Diaz
Three years ago Scott Verplank was a lock to go straight to the top of professional golf. At 21 he won the 1985 Western Open, which made him the first amateur to triumph in a Tour event since Gene...

April 11, 1988 | Paul Zimmerman
Quarterback Kelly Stouffer, the Cardinals' first draft pick in 1987, is still holding out

April 11, 1988 | Demmie Stathoplos
Kingpost is ugly, but his Jim Beam win was a beaut

April 11, 1988 | Austin Murphy
A crew from the Sault scored an upset at the NCAAs

April 11, 1988 | Jaime Diaz
After a 19-month drought, Amy Alcott won her second Dinah Shore

April 11, 1988 | Dave Wohl

April 11, 1988 | Kevin Cook
The Bronx Bull puffs theatrically on a Don Diego cigar, then delivers the punch line.

April 11, 1988 | Gary Kamiya
Who would believe croquet could be this BIG in the desert?

April 11, 1988 | Bruce Anderson
The MISL suits England's 5'2" Paul Dougherty to a T

April 11, 1988
RODNEY JOHNSPHOENIXJohns, a Grand Canyon College senior guard, scored 80 points, including successive last-second, game-winning baskets, as the Antelopes beat Waynesburg in the semis 108-106 and...

April 11, 1988 | Compiled by Duncan Brantley
COLLEGE BASKETBALL—KANSAS defeated Oklahoma 83-79 to win the NCAA men's championship, in Kansas City (page 18).

April 11, 1988 | Rick Reilly
On the PGA Tour, one must know the spinach from the moss