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October 03, 1988 | Volume 69, Issue 15

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Ben Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 03, 1988

October 03, 1988 | Peter Gammons

October 03, 1988 | Peter Gammons
A scout's-eye view of the leading players in the battles for the league pennants—and berths in the World Series

October 03, 1988 | Douglas S. Looney
By beating Pitt, West Virginia proved it's for real

October 03, 1988 | Jaime Diaz

October 03, 1988 | Jaime Diaz
OFFENSE: Wyoming quarterback Randy Welniak completed 28 of 43 passes for 359 yards and three TDs and ran 11 times for 108 yards and another score for a school-record 467 yards of total offense, as...

October 03, 1988 | Richard Demak

October 03, 1988
SHELLEY BERINGHELECULVER CITY, CALIF.Shelley, 12, a pitcher-shortstop for the Angels, was the only girl to play in the North Venice Little League Major League division the last two years. In that...

October 03, 1988 | Compiled by Roger Jackson
PRO FOOTBALL—The Bengals, the Bills and the Rams all coasted to victories to become the NFL's only 4-0 teams. Cincinnati's 24-17 win over the Browns kept the Bengals in sole possession of first...

October 03, 1988 | William Taaffe
The network avoids chauvinism in its Olympic coverage

October 03, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf

October 03, 1988 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Jay Barrs, U.S. archer, on his former eating habits: "I used to go with the three basic food groups—McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King."

October 03, 1988
That's no mere figurehead in the bow of this Romanian shell. It's cox Ladislau Lovrenski, who steered his four bigger buddies home first in this heat at the Olympics in Seoul.

October 03, 1988 | William Oscar Johnson
In late May, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson traveled to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts to be treated by his doctor, Jamie Astaphan. Ten days before, he had aggravated a pulled left hamstring, an...

October 03, 1988 | Kenny Moore
Jackie Joyner-Kersee fulfilled expectations in winning the heptathlon

October 03, 1988 | Kenny Moore
Florence Griffith Joyner did just that in blazing to victory in the 100 meters

October 03, 1988 | Edited by Gay Flood
FRESHMAN ELIGIBILITYConcerning the POINT AFTER (Sept. 5) on ending freshman eligibility, the real problems are the things that the Reverend Timothy S. Healy of Georgetown accepts as given: the...

October 03, 1988 | Pat Putnam
Andre Phillips thwarted Edwin Moses's try for more hurdles gold

October 03, 1988 | Kenny Moore
The Games were replete with historic feats, including one by a U.S. shot-putter who lost

October 03, 1988 | Pat Putnam
Koreans attacked a referee and, in their eyes, shamed an entire nation

October 03, 1988 | Matt Biondi

October 03, 1988 | Craig Neff
Kristin Otto of East Germany got gold after gold after....

October 03, 1988 | Bruce Anderson
Janet Evans, thrice a winner, was an all-too-rare jubilant champion

October 03, 1988 | Craig Neff
After hitting his head on the springboard, Greg Louganis won the gold—again

October 03, 1988
A look at other action in Seoul

October 03, 1988 | Craig Neff
Record setter Naim Suleymanoglu was weighed down by worries for his family

October 03, 1988 | Alexander Wolff
The Americans weren't having many laughs, but they marched smartly into the medal round

October 03, 1988 | E.M. Swift
Despite some soaring performances by the Soviets, poor judging stole the show

October 03, 1988 | Richard Demak
East Germany's Thomas Lange turned an eagerly awaited sculling showdown into a sideshow

October 03, 1988 | Pat Putnam
The U.S. team's strategy looked good on paper. Then came Argentina

October 03, 1988 | Shannon Brownlee
Sometimes being Dante Muse's younger brother is more than Tony Muse can stand. Dante, 21, of Des Moines, is the best speed roller skater in the U.S. Tony, who's 16 months younger, is the second...

October 03, 1988 | Anita Verschoth
Young János Martinek chewed up the competition

October 03, 1988 | Shelley Smith
A pair of pub-crawling Brits in their 40's finished one-two

October 03, 1988 | Steve Wulf
Employing a unique, very aggressive style, the team from West Germany swept the women's medals

October 03, 1988 | Robert Sullivan
A Frenchwoman helped Holland's Monique Knol win the road race

October 03, 1988 | Frank Deford
For pure charisma, Mark Todd and his gritty little horse couldn't be beat

October 03, 1988 | Ralph Wiley

October 03, 1988 | Rick Reilly