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January 30, 1989 | Volume 70, Issue 4

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Jerry Rice Cover - Sports Illustrated January 30, 1989

January 30, 1989 | Paul Zimmerman

January 30, 1989 | Ralph Wiley
Jerry rice wanted to be alone. So he separated himself from the crowd and slipped smoothly off the field and into the locker room. Then he walked over to a row of lockers and started crying with...

January 30, 1989 | John Feinstein
The life of the North Carolina State coach has been changed by allegations of wrongdoing in the Wolf pack program

January 30, 1989
INTERIOR'S LUJANWhatever the merits of your opinion of the environmental credentials of Secretary of Interior—designate Manuel Lujan (SCORECARD, Jan. 9), you overlook the fact that the Department...

January 30, 1989 | Austin Murphy

January 30, 1989 | Michael Bamberger

January 30, 1989 | William F. Reed

January 30, 1989 | Alexander Wolff
At this time last season Arizona was starting to race through the Pac-10—in which it would win 17 of 18 games as a prelude to making it all the way to the Final Four. The rest of the conference,...

January 30, 1989 | William F. Reed
GARY PAYTONOregon State's 6'3" junior guard averaged 30 points in the Beavers' two conference victories. In their 90-63 win over Washington State, Payton scored 41 points, including seven...

January 30, 1989 | Austin Murphy
Harvard players take their studies as seriously as they do their top ranking

January 30, 1989 | William Oscar Johnson

January 30, 1989 | Compiled by Nicholas Dawidoff
PRO BASKETBALL—Life at the bottom of the Midwest Division was especially trying last week for Ron Rothstein, coach of the 4-32 Heat. After riots in Miami's Overtown section caused the postponement...

January 30, 1989 | Compiled by Nicholas Dawidoff

January 30, 1989 | Stan Mack
The Artist guarantees this dialogue was spoken in Miami

January 30, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

January 30, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Randy Cross, veteran 49er center, choosing his words carefully as he announced his retirement: "I'm not a boxer. I'm only going to do this once."