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June 05, 1989 | Volume 70, Issue 24

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James Worthy Cover - Sports Illustrated June 05, 1989

June 05, 1989 | Joseph Monninger
Chuck Grant drops three tennis balls in an aquarium half-filled with water, then reaches in and dunks the balls a couple of times to make sure they're soaked. A minute later Grant, who is...

June 05, 1989
MEGGAN YEDSENAPARK PLACE, PA.Meggan, a junior guard for the Mahanoy Area High girls' basketball team, led all Pennsylvania girls in scoring with 33.8 points a game. She also had 217 rebounds and...

June 05, 1989 | Compiled by James E. Reynolds
BASKETBALL—The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Phoenix Suns four games to none in the Western Conference finals, and the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons were tied 2-2 in the Eastern...

June 05, 1989 | Rick Telander
Washington shouldn't draft athletes to fight drugs

June 05, 1989 | David Noland
I balanced precariously on the edge of an abandoned railway bridge, staring down past my toes at the roiling river 143 feet below. My ankles were lashed together. A young man stood behind me and...

June 05, 1989 | Robert H. Boyle
The first man in this country to earn his living writing about sports was not a mountain man with a literary bent but an English scholar and aristocrat who had left his country with creditors on...

June 05, 1989 | Edited by Steve Wulf

June 05, 1989 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Henry Aaron, on his golf game: "It took me 17 years to get 3,000 hits. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course."

June 05, 1989 | Bruce Newman

June 05, 1989 | Jack McCallum
Detroit's Isiah Thomas blew hot and cold against Chicago's Michael Jordan (above), whose team gave the Pistons fits

June 05, 1989 | Sam Moses

June 05, 1989 | Donald J. Barr
If you hang around a subject long enough," says SI senior writer Ralph Wiley, "you'll get something that makes your story work."

June 05, 1989 | Douglas S. Looney
Despite the trials of Pete Rose, and other tribulations, Cincinnati was still atop its division

June 05, 1989 | Austin Murphy

June 05, 1989 | Ralph Wiley

June 05, 1989
JON PETERSRick Reilly's An American Classic (May 8) is the best article I have read in a long time. It caught the essence of a historic evening for Jon Peters, and it also gave us a wonderful look...

June 05, 1989 | Merrell Noden

June 05, 1989 | Kenny Moore
Jackie Joyner-Kersee triumphantly took on the 400 hurdles

June 05, 1989 | Peter Gammons

June 05, 1989 | Peter Gammons

June 05, 1989 | J.E. Vader
Some guys can't forget their first true glove. San Diego infielder Tim Flannery still hankers for his, the one he used during his first six years in the major leagues. What can you say about a...

June 05, 1989 | Kevin Cook
North Dakota's own Virgil Hill defended his light heavy title

June 05, 1989 | Geoffrey Norman