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November 06, 1989 | Volume 71, Issue 19

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated November 06, 1989

November 06, 1989 | Leigh Montville
Thirty-five years ago the 24-second clock was created, the invention of Danny Biasone, a bowling alley proprietor and owner of the Syracuse Nationals. The clock may have saved pro basketball,...

November 06, 1989 | Jack McCallum
Larry Bird, Eastern Europeans and Minneapolis are all making comebacks, and, come the spring, the Pistons and the Lakers will be back, playing for the championship

November 06, 1989

November 06, 1989

November 06, 1989 | Leigh Montville

November 06, 1989 | Ron Fimrite

November 06, 1989 | Peter King

November 06, 1989 | Peter King

November 06, 1989 | Peter King
Browns at Bucs. This is the Howard Schnellenberger Bowl. In 1982, Schnellenberger recruited both of this game's starting quarterbacks, Cleveland's Bernie Kosar and Tampa Bay's Vinny Testaverde,...

November 06, 1989 | Peter King
The most storied class of quarterbacks in NFL history, the six who were selected in the first round of the 1983 draft, has been downright mediocre in '89. In fact, as a group their season is so...

November 06, 1989 | William F. Reed

November 06, 1989 | William F. Reed
OFFENSE: Arizona State junior Paul Justin completed 33 of 47 passes for four TDs and a Pac-10 record 534 yards, and senior Ron Fair had 19 catches, also a Pac-10 record, for 277 yards and three...

November 06, 1989 | Stewart McBride

November 06, 1989 | Compiled by Stefanie Scheer
BASEBALL—The OAKLAND ATHLETICS swept the San Francisco Giants four games to none to win the World Series. Oakland righthander Dave Stewart, who won the first and third games, was named the MVP...

November 06, 1989
DEAN IPPOLITOBOONTON TOWNSHIP, N.J.Dean, 11, won the U.S. 12-and-under chess title for the second year in a row. by defeating Daniel Benjamin. 12. of Dresher. Pa., and qualified for the...

November 06, 1989 | Rick Reilly
Take a look at today's pro athletes and you'll find out

November 06, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff

November 06, 1989 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Serge Savard, Montreal Canadiens general manager, after hearing Luciano Pavarotti perform: "I guess you could say Pavarotti is the Wayne Gretzky of opera."

November 06, 1989 | Steve Wulf

November 06, 1989 | Peter Gammons

November 06, 1989 | Jay Greenberg
New coach Roger Neilson has the Rangers off and flying

November 06, 1989 | Rick Reilly

November 06, 1989 | Donald J. Barr
While growing up in Bloomington, Minn., STEVE Rushin. SI's pro basketball reporter, felt the tug of several sports. As a youth working for. as he puts it, "what I believe was subminimum wage" in...

November 06, 1989 | John Garrity
The rich got richer at the Nabisco, and Tom Kite got richest of all

November 06, 1989 | Jack McCallum

November 06, 1989 | Clive Gammon
Throughout the night, because of the glow from the neon lights of Reno, 30 miles to the south, there has been no true darkness in the sky over Pyramid Lake. Not until 6:30 a.m. does the first...

November 06, 1989 | Laura Hilgers
Bonnie Brewster isn't what you would expect in a boxing trainer. For one thing, she's a woman. She doesn't work fighters' camps and corners either; she trains recreational boxers. And she peppers...

November 06, 1989 | Penny Ward Moser
I thought I had the answer. I was down in my basement, running like the wind on my brand-new treadmill, watching the snappy LED readout tell me my speed, my distance, how well my heart was...

November 06, 1989 | Steve Rushin
Derek Sanderson returns to the room-service tray on steel hips and aluminum crutches. It has taken an eternity for him to answer the knock on the door. "This is the best way to drink coffee," he...

November 06, 1989 | Jack McCallum
In addition to the pistons, which teams contain (contain being a relative term in this case) Michael Jordan? And which ones don't stop him at all? We sat Jordan down at the Multiplex, the Bulls'...

November 06, 1989 | Rick Telander

November 06, 1989 | Edited by Gay Flood
PENNSYLVANIA VS. FLORIDALast year I took issue with the cover story in your college football preview (Sept. 5, 1988) in which you stated that Florida had become the nation's No. 1 producer of...

November 06, 1989 | Michael Jaffe
Gill Fenerty can't get to his car. He is standing in front of a parking gate at the SkyDome, a set of keys dangling from his right index finger. "Look, this section is closed to the public," says...