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February 12, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 6

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Judit Masco Cover - Sports Illustrated February 12, 1990

February 12, 1990 | Mike D'Orso
The regulars at Lee Haney's Animal Kingdom are used to seeing celebrities working out in their gym. Bruce Springsteen builds his born-again body at this weight-training center in downtown Atlanta...

February 12, 1990 | Geoffrey Norman

February 12, 1990 | Greg Breining
Don Pursch is a professional fisherman—a guide, teacher and occasional tournament pro with an aptitude for catching the toothy brutes known as muskellunge that cruise the clear blue lakes near his...

February 12, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney

February 12, 1990 | Penny Ward Moser
My sister says the problem with today's swimsuits is that "they always snag in the butt." The chlorine in my Jacuzzi eats mine. A swimsuit is—next to the toothbrush—the single most forgettable...

February 12, 1990 | Jay Greenberg

February 12, 1990 | Peter Gammons

February 12, 1990 | John Garrity

February 12, 1990 | Franz Lidz
Frowning at the board, the grizzled Yugoslav chess player stabbed cigarette after unfiltered cigarette into an ashtray. Across the table—actually under the table—10-year-old Judit Polgar of...

February 12, 1990 | Penny Ward Moser

February 12, 1990 | Sam Moses

February 12, 1990 | Robert Sullivan
The '88-89 comeback of the year in college hockey had nothing to do with wins or losses or dramatic slap shots in overtime. In fact, the University of New Hampshire won only 12 games while losing...

February 12, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson

February 12, 1990 | Bob Buderi

February 12, 1990 | John Steinbreder
Will the Denver Nuggets become the darlings of pay TV?

February 12, 1990 | William F. Reed

February 12, 1990 | William F. Reed
MEN: Jimmy Jackson, a 6'6" freshman forward at Ohio State, scored 21 points and pulled down seven rebounds in a 91-88 overtime win over 10th-ranked Louisville. In a 101-77 victory over...

February 12, 1990 | Compiled by Albert Kim
PRO BASKETBALL—For the Knicks, the new year has been a time of losing streaks and dissension. New York, which entered 1990 with a 3½-game lead in the Atlantic Division and the second-best record...

February 12, 1990
THOMAS BOHRERPHILADELPHIABohrer, 26, the U.S. Olympic Committee's 1989 Male Athlete of the Year in rowing, won national championships in the elite pairs and the elite fours, both without cox. He...

February 12, 1990 | Leigh Montville
We have barely scratched the surface of this man's talents

February 12, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff

February 12, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Carlton Fisk, 42-year-old White Sox catcher, on his new multiyear contract: "I forgot to put in one clause: I don't have to play when the temperature is lower than my age."

February 12, 1990 | Jack McCallum

February 12, 1990 | Richard Hoffer
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar relishes the time he has for pursuits like yoga

February 12, 1990 | Richard Hoffer

February 12, 1990 | Richard Hoffer
If the NFL opens its gates to third-year juniors in the April 22 draft, nearly half the picks in the first round could be players who still have a year of collegiate eligibility. With the help of...

February 12, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
In the 26 years that senior editor Jule Campbell has been presiding over our annual swimsuit issue, she has become increasingly defensive. Each fall, just as the weather in New York City is...

February 12, 1990 | Richard Hoffer
According to a Salt Lake City radio station, Brigham young's Chris Smith made more academic progress during this past football season than most players make in a career. Unsure of what to make of...

February 12, 1990 | Merrell Noden
A photo finish and a thwarted comeback were highlights of the Millrose Games

February 12, 1990 | Sam Moses
A pair of Jaguars outshined the rest of the field at an eerie 24 Hours of Daytona

February 12, 1990 | Jill Lieber
Last week another of Pete Rose's former cronies accused him of betting on the Reds

February 12, 1990
MORE RECORDSAn article on unbeatable sports records (The Record Company, Jan. 8) that didn't mention Johnny Vander Meer's two consecutive no-hitters in 1938? The fact that we still make a big deal...

February 12, 1990 | John Garrity

February 12, 1990 | John Garrity
Conspicuously absent at pebble beach—playing hooky, as it were—was another of the game's young lions. Robert Gamez, the 21-year-old who won his first tournament as a PGA Tour member four weeks ago...

February 12, 1990 | Hank Hersch

February 12, 1990 | Hank Hersch
Many coaches would like to see collegians shoot the three-pointer from the 20'6" international distance. That's nine inches farther than the current shot but 39 inches short of the deepest part of...

February 12, 1990 | E.M. Swift

February 12, 1990 | Franz Lidz

February 12, 1990 | Henry L. Freund
Only in The Far Side, the award-winning cartoon series by Gary Larson, does it seem that elephants, crocodiles and bears stand a fighting chance against the greed of humankind. In reality, the...

February 12, 1990 | Jule Campbell
Unspoiled. Unexpected. All but undiscovered. That sums up the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, site of SI's 1990 swim suit salute. From Dominica to Grenada, beaches lie undisturbed except for...