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March 05, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 9

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Gary Payton Cover - Sports Illustrated March 05, 1990

March 05, 1990 | Clive Gammon
The World Cup—bound U.S. team got a taste of big-time soccer in a humbling loss to the Soviets

March 05, 1990 | Hank Hersch

March 05, 1990 | Jay Greenberg
Having learned to win without Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton may yet make Calgary bite the ice

March 05, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
Baseball's labor negotiations, plagued from the outset by the owners' ill-conceived game plan, now threaten to delay the regular season

March 05, 1990 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 05, 1990 | Ron Fimrite
With a new TV contract, 108-pound Michael Carbajal is earning respect in the U.S. for boxing's little guys

March 05, 1990 | Michael Farber

March 05, 1990
THE WINDWARD SEASIDEI just finished reading your swimsuit issue (Down by the Seaside, Feb. 12), and as usual, I was impressed. The models, the swimsuits and the scenery were all spectacular. What...

March 05, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson

March 05, 1990 | David Sharp
When Marion Wilhoite, the sports editor at The Daily Herald in Columbia, Tenn., begins his daily two-mile commute to the office, he steps out his front door and starts hoofing it down Winding Way....

March 05, 1990 | William F. Reed

March 05, 1990 | William F. Reed
MEN: Anthony Pullard, a 6'10" senior center for McNeese State, averaged 27.7 points and 13.3 rebounds in three victories. The highlight was a 35-point, 18-rebound performance last Saturday in a...

March 05, 1990 | William Nack

March 05, 1990 | Jim Harmon
Need sports info? The Ziffren Center is the place to go

March 05, 1990 | Tim Crothers

March 05, 1990 | Compiled by Stefanie Krasnow
PRO BASKETBALL—The Suns, who had a 4-0 record after the All-Star break, continued their torrid winning ways with three victories—120-99 over the Celtics, 104-98 over the Kings and 126-99 over the...

March 05, 1990
LISA WEINARDMOBILE, ALA.Lisa, a senior at St. Paul's Episcopal School, won the 440- and 880-yard dashes, the mile and the long jump at the state AAAA girls' indoor track and field championships....

March 05, 1990 | Franz Lidz
If only the college football coach in the ABC situation comedy Coach were a martinet, mean and implacable. Then at least he would be a little fun. Sure, blustery Hayden Fox can be as rigid as a...

March 05, 1990 | Peter Gammons
Tony Conigliaro had glorious talent, but not a trace of luck

March 05, 1990 | David Guterson
Herschel Walker, you know about; but Herschel the sea lion? Herschel, a 750-pound Zalophus californianus, made his first splash in the winter of 1984-85. He is the sort of lovable pinniped you...

March 05, 1990 | Edited by Peter King

March 05, 1990 | Edited by Peter King
•Pat Williams, Orlando Magic general manager, on NBA commissioner David Stern's new five-year, $27.5 million contract: "All I know is that on airplane trips, David's wallet will be considered...