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March 19, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 11

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Jennifer Capriati Cover - Sports Illustrated March 19, 1990

March 19, 1990 | Robert H. Boyle
Otto von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor of the German Empire, once said that there were two things the public should not see being made: sausages and law. Thanks to the U.S. House of...

March 19, 1990 | Mark Fischetti
Preacher: The price of tickets is just absolutely too high. Thirty dollars for every ticket in the place. It's not fair to Joe Fan, who wants to come out with his kids.

March 19, 1990 | Steve Rushin
At 26, Minnesota's Sam Mitchell is the oldest NBA rookie

March 19, 1990 | Paul Fichtenbaum
A Michigan State hockey tradition grinds to a halt

March 19, 1990 | Bruce Newman
Warren Miller's 40th reel adventure, 'White Magic,' is a whole lot like the first 39

March 19, 1990 | Compiled by Sally Guard
PRO BASKETBALL—The Jazz got burned in Miami when Heat guard Kevin Edwards hit a three-pointer with 30 seconds left to bring Miami to within one point, at 104-103, and Glen Rice made a jumper at...

March 19, 1990
LAUREL BETH CAPURROFORT COLLINS, COLO.Capurro, 21, aboard the 7-year-old mare Modeling, defeated 44 other riders to win the showmanship-at-halter title in the quarter horse world championships, in...

March 19, 1990 | Curry Kirkpatrick
In basketball's bleakest year, the NCAAs arrive just in time

March 19, 1990 | Edited by Hank Hersch

March 19, 1990 | Edited by Hank Hersch
•Tony Campbell, Minnesota Timber-wolves guard, after suffering a painful fall on his hip during a game against the Washington Bullets: "My gluteus maximus is hurteus enormous."

March 19, 1990 | Dave Scheiber
Dazzling new tennis star Jennifer Capriati, 13, showed that her future is now by deftly handling five more-experienced opponents—and the media—in her professional debut

March 19, 1990 | Charlie Nobles
Chris Couch played hooky from school to sample the perils and pleasures of pro golf

March 19, 1990 | E.M. Swift
The despised compulsories Jill Trenary exploited them a last time at the worlds

March 19, 1990 | Alexander Wolff
Remember when a conference tournament mattered? The Ohio Valley's still does

March 19, 1990 | Jay Greenberg
The NHL's once flush Patrick Division is now a study in mediocrity from top to bottom

March 19, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
Katasha Artis, a 6-foot senior forward at South Shore High School in Brooklyn, came to SI's attention late in December after she scored 72 points in a 131-14 defeat of Erasmus Hall to break the...

March 19, 1990
THE FIGHTThe recent heavyweight fiasco (He Got Up and..., Feb. 19) is yet another testimonial to the ruination of pro boxing, courtesy of Don King. In his attempt to control the heavyweight...

March 19, 1990 | Steve Wulf
With the baseball lockout stretching into its fourth week, the signs of spring were mostly unhappy ones. Big leaguers, meanwhile, did whatever they could, wherever they could, to get in shape

March 19, 1990 | Bruce Newman
Phoenix fans are horning in on Kurt Rambis's success with the Suns

March 19, 1990 | Sam Moses
Amid acrimony, Ayrton Senna won the U.S. Grand Prix

March 19, 1990 | William F. Reed

March 19, 1990 | William F. Reed
MEN: Shaun Vandiver, a 6'9" junior center for Colorado, averaged 25.0 points and 13.7 rebounds and was MVP of the Big Eight tournament as the Buffaloes upset Missouri 92-88 in OT, beat Oklahoma...

March 19, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney
These six Faces in the Crowd bear witness that satisfaction still comes from just playing the game