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April 02, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 14

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Chris Knight Cover - Sports Illustrated April 02, 1990

April 02, 1990 | Richard Sassaman
I'm thinking of The Music Man as I walk through the laboratory of the Silverthorn Group. "You got trouble, my friends, right here in Brinklow, Maryland. Trouble with a capital T, which rhymes with...

April 02, 1990 | Mike D'Orso
It's the holiday season, and a lot of people have come home. In fact, a crowd is huddled outside a locked gymnasium in Williamsburg, Va., breath misting in the frigid air as the people stamp their...

April 02, 1990 | Penny Ward Moser
It was a day like any other in Margaritaville. Some people awakened with clear heads. Some didn't. I did and was almost eaten by a shark.

April 02, 1990 | William Nack
One evening in 1981, when Simon Brown was 17 years old and only months away from turning professional, he was pounding the heavy bag in a gym on Columbia Road in northwest Washington, D.C., when...

April 02, 1990 | Craig Kubey
It was the start of the 1958-59 season, a few years into college basketball's modern era, which had been ushered in by the likes of Bill Russell, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain. By then you...

April 02, 1990 | Richard O'Brien
Canastota, N.Y., a village of 5,000 just east of Syracuse, bills itself as the onion capital of the U.S. But as of last summer, Canastota could add another enticement to its tourism brochure, with...

April 02, 1990 | Craig Neff

April 02, 1990 | Craig Neff

April 02, 1990 | Craig Neff
•Pete Incaviglia, Texas Rangers outfielder, arguing that baseball players aren't overpaid: "People think we make $3 million and $4 million a year. They don't realize that most of us only make...

April 02, 1990 | William F. Reed
Georgia Tech—and guard Brian Oliver (13)—soared into the Final Four with Duke, Arkansas and UNLV

April 02, 1990 | Hank Hersch
Last week the Brendan Byrne Arena at the New Jersey Meadowlands was like an amusement park. There was Connecticut point guard Tate George riding the roller coaster that let him snatch victory from...

April 02, 1990 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Ultimately, after three weeks of passion-wrenching scenes, Loyola Marymount, the little team that ran the socks off nearly everyone, got run out of the Oakland Coliseum on Sunday by the bigger,...

April 02, 1990 | Alexander Wolff
Arkansas Coach Nolan Richardson had a line about how his team hog-tied Texas in the Midwest Regional final, and it applied to Richardson's five tumultuous seasons in Fayetteville, too. "A raggedy...

April 02, 1990 | Curry Kirkpatrick
If the NCAA tournament gets any more taut or emotional or chaotic, Hollywood might as well pull from circulation all those cinema classics about the Lambada. Hey, studio heads, let's do lunch in...

April 02, 1990 | Dave Scheiber
Andre Agassi looked stronger than ever in winning the Lipton Players Championship

April 02, 1990 | Steve Wulf

April 02, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
Proofreader Avis Berman, who for the last three years has punctiliously pored over SI's prose in search of errors, could readily appreciate the irony of a glaring mistake in the first book she had...

April 02, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney
Oklahoma State won an NCAA wrestling championship marked by feuding coaches

April 02, 1990 | Jack McCallum

April 02, 1990 | Merrell Noden

April 02, 1990 | Paul Fichtenbaum
The tough U.S. women were second in the first worlds

April 02, 1990
BEN KELSOMy thanks to William Nack for his exceptional article, A Lesson in Survival (March 5), about Detroit's Cooley High basketball coach, Ben Kelso. Kelso's commitment to excellence on and off...

April 02, 1990 | Rick Reilly

April 02, 1990 | John Garrity
Through The Classics of Golf series, you may peruse that sport's literary treasures

April 02, 1990 | William Taaffe

April 02, 1990 | Compiled by Stefanie Krasnow
PRO BASKETBALL—The 76ers took the lead in the Atlantic Division by 1½ games with a perfect 4-0 week, while the Knicks lost 3½ games in the standings, slipping from a first-place tie into third,...

April 02, 1990
SHERRI DILLEHAYMINNETONKA, MINN.Sherri, a senior at Hopkins High, won the Class AA girls' gymnastics all-around title and finished first in the vault and uneven bars competition to lead the Royals...

April 02, 1990 | Leigh Montville
If only I had held on to that 1951 Jim Thorpe letter