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May 14, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 20

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated May 14, 1990

May 14, 1990 | Franz Lidz
Jim Reid doesn't wear his bulletproof vest to bed anymore. But he still keeps a bowie knife hidden in his boot, a Colt .45 stashed in his Corvette and a 9-mm Beretta concealed somewhere on his...

May 14, 1990 | Tim Crothers
Just beyond the rightfield fence of the University of New Haven's baseball field is a simple granite monument with a bronze plaque attached. From a distance it looks like a headstone. But this...

May 14, 1990 | John Steinbreder
It was at his grandmother's funeral three years ago that John Bryan got his start as a sports artist. After the service, Edwina Millington, an acquaintance of Bryan's mother's, told him about the...

May 14, 1990 | David Noland
The lithe, well-muscled young men leap and run across the grass, tossing the ball in the brilliant Cape Cod sunshine. The spectators cheer. The team in white, down 30 points only a few minutes...

May 14, 1990 | C.J. Hadley
Doing his finest imitation of Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise, a tense Jim Biller radios from the bridge to the engine room of the 63-year-old stern-wheeler, M.S. Dixie: "Scotty, I need...

May 14, 1990 | Franz Lidz
When Arantxa Sanchez Vicario smashed the golden idol that was Steffi Graf in the finals of the French Open last June, mouths of worshipers hung open in disbelief. The seemingly invincible Graf...

May 14, 1990 | Robert Horn

May 14, 1990 | Clive Gammon

May 14, 1990 | Compiled by Tim Crothers
PRO BASKETBALL—In the first round of the NBA playoffs the Mailman didn't deliver on Sunday. In the deciding game of the Jazz-Suns best-of-five series, Utah's Karl Malone missed several key shots...

May 14, 1990
WADE SHORTINVER GROVE HEIGHTS, MINN.Wade, 16, a junior at Simley High, decisioned Scott Peterson of Alexandria High in overtime to win the Class AA 140-pound state wrestling championship. He is...

May 14, 1990 | Craig Neff
An open letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger

May 14, 1990 | Edited By Craig Neff

May 14, 1990 | Edited By Craig Neff
•Luis Polonia, California Angel outfielder recently acquired from the New York Yankees, criticizing his former team for using him mostly as a pinch hitter and designated hitter: "The Yankees are...

May 14, 1990 | William Nack

May 14, 1990 | William F. Reed
Frances A. Genter thought she might stay home in Minneapolis and watch the Kentucky Derby on TV. At 92, she's as fragile as a rose, and the sheer crush of it all—the crowd, the jostling, the...

May 14, 1990 | Alexander Wolff
Mo Cheeks drove New York to a stunning win over Boston

May 14, 1990 | Rick Telander

May 14, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
Last Friday, in a rain-soaked ceremony at Ohio's Kent State University, a granite memorial was dedicated to commemorate the deaths of four students gunned down by National Guardsmen during campus...

May 14, 1990
Michael B. Green, 22, a former member of the Crips, one of the nation's most notorious youth gangs, was convicted of drug trafficking in 1987 and is serving a 63-month sentence in the federal...

May 14, 1990 | Jay Greenberg
Blackhawk coach Mike Keenan isn't popular, but his team keeps winning

May 14, 1990 | Sonja Steptoe

May 14, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney

May 14, 1990
35 YEARS OF COVERSSteve Wulf's article, The Cover Story, in your special issue 35 YEARS OF COVERS (March 28), notes that Reggie holds the record—four—for most different baseball uniforms worn by a...

May 14, 1990 | Austin Murphy
USC upset Long Beach State for the NCAA title

May 14, 1990 | Franz Lidz
Michelle's influence on Mark elicits sour notes from his tour rivals

May 14, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian

May 14, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
ONE MAN COMBOTodd Cason, a righthander for Saint Leo (Fla.) College, recently started four times in six days. How did he do it? Well, whenever he got tired, he just put his glove on the other hand...

May 14, 1990 | Albert Kim
A few months after arriving in Japan to play for the Hanshin Tigers last season, Cecil Fielder called Fred McGriff, a former teammate on the Blue Jays, and made a bet as to which of them would hit...

May 14, 1990 | Rick Telander