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June 04, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 23

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Lenny Dykstra Cover - Sports Illustrated June 04, 1990

June 04, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
Writer-Reporter Paul Fichtenbaum isn't sure how many nights in a row he watched at least one hockey game during one long stretch last winter. However, there were signs that he had seen too many....

June 04, 1990 | Steve Wulf
Umps should give their surly attitudes the thumb

June 04, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff

June 04, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Chuck Daly, Detroit Piston coach and noted clotheshorse, after seeing a $1,300 virgin wool suit in a New York City store: "I'd rather have something for around $300 from a sheep that fooled...

June 04, 1990 | Jack McCallum
Chicago bounced back at home and tied Detroit

June 04, 1990 | Hank Hersch

June 04, 1990 | Steve Wulf

June 04, 1990 | Sam Moses

June 04, 1990
THE KIDThanks for Peter Gammons's fine article on Robin Yount (Forever a Kid, April 30). Last winter, along with thousands of other Milwaukeeans, I sat on pins and needles while Yount was deciding...

June 04, 1990 | Sonja Steptoe
Once a year an upstate New York burg gives the LPGA a towering welcome

June 04, 1990 | Jay Greenberg

June 04, 1990 | Phil Rogers

June 04, 1990 | Rick Telander
Fitness fanatics should find better uses for their energy

June 04, 1990 | Bruce Newman

June 04, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney
A determined Steve Bryan of Texas won the NCAA title

June 04, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian

June 04, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian

June 04, 1990 | Franz Lidz
The last time Seattle Mariners reliever Keith Comstock drank chocolate milk was 16 years ago, after he pitched a no-hitter for the Walnut Tree of the Senior Babe Ruth League in Menlo Park, Calif....

June 04, 1990 | William Nack

June 04, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney

June 04, 1990 | Robert Spillman
The author adds a Grand conquest to his list of runs

June 04, 1990 | Compiled by Tim Crothers
PRO BASKETBALL—The Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trail Blazers were tied 2-2 at week's end in the NBA Western Conference finals (page 24), and the Detroit Pistons were tied 2-2 with the Chicago...

June 04, 1990
CARLTON MENDELLPORTLAND, MAINEMendell, 68, a life insurance agent, finished first in the Ottawa Marathon (age group 65-69) with a time of 3:37:38. It was his 19th long-distance race this year,...