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June 25, 1990 | Volume 72, Issue 26

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Hale Irwin Cover - Sports Illustrated June 25, 1990

June 25, 1990 | Tim Crothers
Everyone at Wimbledon's Centre Court must now be seated

June 25, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff

June 25, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Bobby Rahal, race-car driver, whose wife, Debi, sprained her neck in a fall from a horse: "I just told her she's going to have to find a safer sport."

June 25, 1990 | E.M. Swift

June 25, 1990 | Steve Wulf

June 25, 1990 | Jack McCallum

June 25, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson
It was one of the ugliest episodes in Detroit since 43 people died during the civil rights uprising of 1967. But this time there was no possibly redeeming social revolution behind the violence. It...

June 25, 1990 | Richard Hoffer

June 25, 1990
DRESSED TO KILLI admired Rick Telander's story about killing for sports attire (Senseless, May 14) and the challenge it poses for the business community. At one point Telander asks, "Should we...

June 25, 1990 | Rick Telander
The U.S. got a lift from a face-saving World Cup loss to powerful Italy

June 25, 1990 | Kenny Moore

June 25, 1990 | Hank Hersch

June 25, 1990 | Steve Rushin
Statistics galore have replaced the prose of yore

June 25, 1990 | Merrell Noden
Carl Lewis and two unlikely decathletes starred at the troubled TAC championships

June 25, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian

June 25, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
SEMISWEET SEASONWhen the Pacific Candy Co. introduced the Wade Boggs .352 candy bar this February, it used that number because it was Boggs's lifetime batting average entering this season. At...

June 25, 1990 | David Levine
Attention, shoppers: Miniature golf is now available

June 25, 1990 | Shelley Smith
Move over Bo Knows and Neon Deion. Make room for the common man's cross trainer, San Francisco rookie John Burkett (right), one of the hottest pitchers in the National League. At week's end,...

June 25, 1990 | Michael Jaffe
Wisconsin used a power 20 to beat Harvard

June 25, 1990 | Jack Rudloe
Poachers on the west coast of Nicaragua threaten the future of a species

June 25, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson

June 25, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson
CBS is outspending ABC and NBC for lights to all top-drawer spoils except college football and the NBA

June 25, 1990 | William Oscar Johnson
This year CBS will carry more than half the total hours of sports that will be shown on the three major networks

June 25, 1990 | Steve Hymon
That cozy diamond has reappeared 15 miles north

June 25, 1990 | Jeff Ryan
Only true fans know Jeff Fenech holds three world titles

June 25, 1990 | Compiled by Tim Crothers
PRO BASKETBALL—The DETROIT PISTONS defeated the Portland Trail Blazers four games to one to win the NBA championship (page 32).

June 25, 1990
KYLE JERMYNBILOXI, Miss.Kyle, 6, scored four goals in leading Kid Konnection to a 6-2 victory in the championship match of the 5-6 age group in the Ocean Springs Soccer Organization. He had 31...

June 25, 1990 | Leigh Montville
Nolan Ryan's no-hitter was tonic for the over-40's