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July 09, 1990 | Volume 73, Issue 2

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Darryl Strawberry Cover - Sports Illustrated July 09, 1990

July 09, 1990 | Charles Thobae
Two encounters with a big bass left a bitter taste

July 09, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff

July 09, 1990 | Edited by Craig Neff
•Andre Agassi, tennis player, assessing his career so far: "I've only scratched the iceberg."

July 09, 1990 | Steve Wulf
In one weekend, baseball saw three no-hitters—including a no-winner

July 09, 1990 | William Nack
Gardner stern, 85, settled into his seat along the first base line at Comiskey Park before the start of Sunday's game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees. "One of my most vivid...

July 09, 1990 | Douglas S. Looney
Lee Trevino held off Jack Nicklaus to win the Senior Open

July 09, 1990 | Steve Rushin

July 09, 1990 | Austin Murphy

July 09, 1990 | Austin Murphy
How the divisions of four superconferences might stack up

July 09, 1990 | Peter King

July 09, 1990 | E.M. Swift

July 09, 1990 | John Garrity

July 09, 1990 | Donald J. Barr
Beginning on page 40, you'll find the second installment of our three-part series on the golf boom. This week's stories were written by three SI senior writers who were hooked (as it were) by the...

July 09, 1990 | Rick Reilly

July 09, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
Major league baseball's All-Star Game will be played on July 10 at Chicago's Wrigley Field. Most of the big-name players will be there, and rightly so. There are, however, other players who have...

July 09, 1990 | Tim Kurkjian
ANOTHER NO-HITTERThe Blue Jays' Tom Lawless doesn't have a hit this season. In fact, in three of the last five years he has been the last nonpitcher in the major leagues to get a hit. But,...

July 09, 1990 | Dave Scheiber
It's the bottom of the sixth inning on a recent Tuesday in municipal Stadium, home of the Miracle, an independent Class A team based in Pompano Beach, Fla. Jericho, a golden retriever, is ambling...

July 09, 1990 | Tim Crothers
Daunting financial and societal obstacles face minority aspirants

July 09, 1990 | Kent Hannon
Only the strongest survived the Best Ranger contest

July 09, 1990 | Franz Lidz
Quick-shot artists scored at the Pop-A-Shot championships

July 09, 1990 | Compiled by Tim Crothers
BOWLING—DANNY WISEMAN defeated Ron Palombi 221-210 to win a PBA event and $24,000 in Riverside, Calif.

July 09, 1990
RYAN SPEARSOLATHE, KANS.Ryan, 9, a forward for the Jaguars of the Olathe Soccer Club, scored at least one goal in each of the Jaguars' games in leading them to a 7-0 record in the Johnson County...

July 09, 1990 | Alexander Wolff
Bud Collins belongs in the booth at Wimbledon

July 09, 1990
UMP GRUMPINGAs a longtime baseball fan who has attended 40 to 50 games a year for 25 years, I feel that nothing could be more on target than Steve Wulf's POINT AFTER (June 4) about major league...

July 09, 1990 | Ken Tingley
Collector bats are a hot item in Cooperstown