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January 21, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 2

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Shaquille O'Neal Cover - Sports Illustrated January 21, 1991

January 21, 1991 | Peter King
In Buffalo, the Miami Dolphins were iced by the Bills defenders and buried in a flurry of Jim Kelly passes

January 21, 1991 | Richard Hoffer
The Raiders showed some of their old flash in beating the Bengals

January 21, 1991 | Rick Reilly
The Redskins couldn't sneak anything past the 49ers, who spooked them 28-10

January 21, 1991 | Paul Zimmerman
The Giants used a new-look defense to stonewall the Bears

January 21, 1991 | Richard O'Brien
Ben Johnson (Lane 3), racing for the first time since his ban was lifted, drew an emotional crowd in Canada

January 21, 1991 | Steve Rushin
On a rebuilt wreck of a knee, Bernard King is once again the NBA's top scorer

January 21, 1991 | Merrell Noden

January 21, 1991 | Curry Kirkpatrick

January 21, 1991
DIVISION III FOOTBALLThanks for the great story about the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl, the Division III football championship (More Than a Win, Dec. 17). As a graduate of a small liberal arts Division...

January 21, 1991 | Phil Taylor

January 21, 1991 | Phil Taylor
MENBrian Shorter, a 6'6" senior forward for Pitt, made 15 of 25 field goal tries and 25 of 26 free throws while amassing 55 points and 25 rebounds as the Panthers defeated Syracuse 93-79 and...

January 21, 1991 | Jack McCallum

January 21, 1991 | William Oscar Johnson

January 21, 1991 | Sonja Steptoe
The LPGA is pinning its hopes on Charles Mechem Jr.

January 21, 1991 | Compiled by Amy Nutt
PRO BASKETBALL—The Bucks started the week off well, with a 99-96 defeat of the Bullets, but lost three straight and surrendered the Central Division lead. Milwaukee fell behind the Atlantic...

January 21, 1991
DICK PRICEWICHITA, KANS.Price, 74, matched his age by shooting a 74 at Wichita's Crestview Country Club. It was also the 74th time since June 1985 that Price had shot his age or better. The first...

January 21, 1991 | Hunter R. Rawlings III
Reform, says a college president, was overdue

January 21, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf

January 21, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
•Peter Roby, Harvard basketball coach, on his recruiting philosophy: "If I ask a kid how he did on the boards, and he says, 'Twelve a game,' I know he's not coming to Harvard."