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February 04, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 4

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Everson Walls Cover - Sports Illustrated February 04, 1991

February 04, 1991 | Paul Zimmerman

February 04, 1991 | Peter King
Six minutes into the third quarter of Super Bowl XXV, quarterback Jeff Hostetler leaned into the New York Giants huddle and called out "half-right-62-comeback-dig" above the din in Tampa Stadium....

February 04, 1991 | Rick Reilly
Well, other than The Gloom Of War, and the commissioner's party being canceled, and Eastern Airlines folding two days before Giants and Bills fans knew their teams would be heading for Tampa, and...

February 04, 1991 | Leigh Montville

February 04, 1991 | Sally Jenkins

February 04, 1991 | Richard Yallop

February 04, 1991 | Mark Mulvoy
The great western philosopher and former marquette basketball coach Al McGuire once said, "Everyone should go to college and get a degree, then spend six months as a bartender and six months as a...

February 04, 1991 | Jay Greenberg
The Blues' Brett Hull joined the 50-goals-in-50-games elite of the NHL

February 04, 1991 | E.M. Swift

February 04, 1991 | Jack McCallum

February 04, 1991
JIMMY CARSONThat was a super article by E.M. Swift about Jimmy Carson of the Detroit Red Wings (Coming Home, Dec. 24). I taught Jimmy in the fourth grade and later coached him in high school...

February 04, 1991 | Phil Taylor

February 04, 1991 | Phil Taylor
MENEric Murdock, a 6'2" senior guard for Providence, set a Big East scoring record with 48 points in a 92-79 loss to Pittsburgh and led the Friars with 23 points in a 92-82 upset of sixth-ranked...

February 04, 1991 | Phil Taylor
Time was, when the phone rang at the marciulionis house in Lafayette, Calif., the chances were good that a sportswriter was looking for an interview with Sarunas, a backup guard for the Golden...

February 04, 1991 | William Nack

February 04, 1991 | Compiled by Amy Nutt
PRO BASKETBALL—While the Bulls had an up-and-down week, the hot-handed Pistons moved into a tie with Chicago for the Central Division lead by romping over the Magic 121-81. Earlier the Bulls had...

February 04, 1991 | Compiled by Amy Nutt
JODA BURGESS KENOVA, W.VA. Joda, 12, a point guard for Coleman-Trainor in the 13-year-old division of the Huntington YMCA Buddy Basketball League, scored 55 points in a 63-61 defeat of Guaranty...

February 04, 1991 | Rick Reilly
Organized worship has no place at football games

February 04, 1991 | Edited by Merrell Noden

February 04, 1991 | Edited by Merrell Noden
•Eric Dickerson, Indianapolis Colts running back, on his apparently fading ability: "If I've lost a step, it's a step a lot of other guys never had."