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March 25, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 11

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Razor Ruddock Cover - Sports Illustrated March 25, 1991

March 25, 1991

March 25, 1991
[Thumps up]To the Albany Patroons of the Continental Basketball Association, for completing their regular season with a record of 50-6, giving them a winning percentage of .893, the highest in the...

March 25, 1991
The Final Four will be determined this week. Some high seeds have already been upset, but the NCAA tournament has always had surprises. SI's Alexander Wolff picks the 10 biggest upsets in its...

March 25, 1991
George Foreman, on the difference in eating habits between him and his upcoming opponent, heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield: "He's got a nutritionist, and I've got room service."

March 25, 1991
On March 2, a pacer named Babe Ruth won the fourth race at Pocono Downs in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., from post position 7. The second-and third-place finishers in the race came from posts 1 and 4,...

March 25, 1991
15 Years Ago in Sports Illustrated

March 25, 1991
Some Chicago-area priests have formed a basketball team that plays in charity exhibitions. In a nod toward UNLV, they call themselves the Runnin' Revs.

March 25, 1991 | Pat Putnam
Mike Tyson was a study in fury as he—and the ref—stopped Razor Ruddock

March 25, 1991 | Alexander Wolff

March 25, 1991 | E.M. Swift

March 25, 1991
Hank Gathers's LegacyI read with sadness and dismay the article about Hank Gathers (A Bitter Legacy, March 4)—sadness over Gathers's unfortunate death and dismay over his mother's lack of respect...

March 25, 1991 | William F. Reed
Fly So Free remained ahead of the 3-year-old field by winning the Florida Derby

March 25, 1991 | William Oscar Johnson

March 25, 1991 | Philip Bondy
Yes, even in the NBA there are plenty of players who can't—or shouldn't—slam it down

March 25, 1991 | Douglas S. Looney
High school hockey coach Willard Ikola is retiring with a dazzling record and few regrets

March 25, 1991 | Robert H. Boyle

March 25, 1991 | Tim Crothers

March 25, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
Bo Goes

March 25, 1991 | Merrell Noden
Iowa won the NCAA title with the help of the cantankerous Brands brothers

March 25, 1991 | William Oscar Johnson
Relentless Sergei Bubka broke the magic 20-foot pole vault barrier in a meet in Spain

March 25, 1991 | Jack McCallum
Pippen's a Pip

March 25, 1991 | William Nack

March 25, 1991 | Pelé
The sport's alltime greatest player urges a return to offense to enhance its appeal

March 25, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jafee
RenamedThe Houston Rockets' center Akeem Olajuwon, who changed his first name to Hakeem. Olajuwon said he made the alteration to conform to the more traditional Arabic spelling of the name, though...

March 25, 1991
Rachael GreenACTON, MASS.Green, a junior at Harvard, was the top collegiate finisher in the women's lightweight division at the CRASH B Sprints indoor rowing competition. She completed the...

March 25, 1991 | Leigh Montville
A schoolboy hoops legend like Travis Best won't soon be forgotten