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May 13, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 18

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Roger Clemens Cover - Sports Illustrated May 13, 1991

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jaffe
BurnedBy the Kansas City Police Department, 350,000 Bo Jackson baseball cards. The cards were part of a police-supported antidrug campaign, and about 10,000 of them were distributed to kids...

May 13, 1991
Ann-Marie PfiffnerDUBUQUE, IOWAPfiffner, a junior at West Virginia, scored 391 points out of a possible 400 to win the NCAA individual air rifle event. The Mountaineers beat the University of...

May 13, 1991 | Leigh Montville
What was a daydream for others became satisfying reality for outdoorsman extraordinaire Lee Wulff

May 13, 1991 | Jeff Bradley
John Davidson has become his sport's top broadcaster, in part by outworking everybody else

May 13, 1991 | Ron Fimrite
Three new books serve up America's pastime in history, fiction and anecdote

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Her Ad

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
[Thumb Up]To Manute Bol and his Philadelphia 76er teammates for raising $10,000 for famine relief in Bol's native Sudan where nine million people are facing starvation.

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Bo Schembechler, Detroit Tiger president, who was a staunch proponent of the ground game when he was Michigan's football coach, after rightfielder Rob Deer dropped a crucial fly ball: "Bad things...

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Courtney Hankes pitched six complete games for the UNC-Charlotte softball team, working 41 innings and compiling a 4-2 record—all in one day. That was during the Spring Fling tournament recently...

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
The NBA playoffs are in full swing, so SI's Jack McCallum asked Red Auerbach, who has won 16 NBA titles with the Celtics, to name the 10 players whom he would most want in the playoffs. Said...

May 13, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Kauai King, the horse on the rail, appeared on the May 16, 1966, cover after winning the 92nd Kentucky Derby. Said Kauai King's jockey Don Brumfield, "I'm the happiest hillbilly hardboot you have...

May 13, 1991 | William Nack

May 13, 1991 | Jack McCallum

May 13, 1991 | Hank Hersch
As they began their pursuit of an improbable third straight NBA title, the Pistons needed five games to oust the Hawks

May 13, 1991 | Steve Rushin

May 13, 1991
Should Minnie Play?I applaud Leigh Montville for his POINT AFTER (April 22) showing how absurd the baseball commissioner's office is being. Fay Vincent's decision not to approve Minnie Minoso's...

May 13, 1991 | Steve Wulf

May 13, 1991 | Phil Taylor
Notre Dame bungled its search for a basketball coach but still wound up with a winner in John MacLeod

May 13, 1991 | Leo W. Banks
The Oakland Athletics offer an innovative language program to their Latin players who do not speak English

May 13, 1991 | Leigh Montville

May 13, 1991 | Nicholas Dawidoff

May 13, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian

May 13, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
An August OccasionWhen the Brewers played the White Sox on May 1, Milwaukee's Don August was supposed to be the "extra, extra emergency backup pitcher," as he put it, because he had a tired arm...

May 13, 1991 | Richard Hoffer

May 13, 1991 | Wendy Sloane
An entrepreneurial Swede has built a nine-hole golf course within chipping distance of the Kremlin