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May 27, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 20

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Mickey Mantle Cover - Sports Illustrated May 27, 1991

May 27, 1991 | Austin Murphy
A fan of terra firma is goaded into skydiving, and the flight of the loony bird ensues

May 27, 1991 | Leo W. Banks
Gea Johnson of Arizona State is the NCAA heptathlon champion and also a photogenic career-person-to-be

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
[Thump Up]To former heavyweight champion James (Buster) Douglas for buying a disused roller rink in Columbus, Ohio, his hometown. He plans to convert it into a recreation center.

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Lee Smith, St. Louis Cardinals reliever, on a pitch that Eric Davis hit for a home run: "It was a slider that didn't slide. Well, it slid once—off the facing of the upper deck."

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Following in the footsteps of the Knight Commission, the 22-member panel that urged college presidents to take control of runaway athletic programs (SCORECARD, April 1), a regional association...

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Oakland A's pitcher Vida Blue was 10-1 when he appeared on the May 31, 1971, cover. We also reported that Montreal had won the Stanley Cup, for the third time in four years, defeating the Black...

May 27, 1991 | Steve Rushin

May 27, 1991 | Jay Greenberg
Whatever good fortune has befallen the North Stars this spring, Minnesota has advanced to the Stanley Cup finals because it has not taken any of that luck for granted. It has made the most of...

May 27, 1991 | Jack McCallum

May 27, 1991 | John Papanek
It's altogether fitting that Demmie Stathoplos's favorite color is black, because during her seven years as an SI writer-reporter and four years as a staff writer, that was her mood whenever a...

May 27, 1991 | William F. Reed
Foiled in the Kentucky Derby, Hansel enjoyed a much happier ending in the Preakness

May 27, 1991 | Austin Murphy
A Dutchman overtook France's Team Z in a Tour Du Pont that was anything but sleepy

May 27, 1991 | Franz Lidz

May 27, 1991 | Douglas S. Looney

May 27, 1991 | Curry Kirkpatrick

May 27, 1991
Holyfield-ForemanIt was remarkable to finally witness a great heavyweight championship fight (No Joke, April 29). George Foreman proved to be a worthy contender, and Holyfield proved he is worthy...

May 27, 1991 | Rick Reilly
With a sudden-death win in the Memorial, Kenny Perry joined the list of nondescript Tour winners

May 27, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian

May 27, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
•God Save the QueenOriole pitcher Mike Flanagan, who has met Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at ballparks during his career, shook hands with the Queen...

May 27, 1991 | Rick Reilly

May 27, 1991 | Clive Gammon

May 27, 1991 | Richard Hoffer

May 27, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jaffe
PurchasedBy entertainer Paul Anka, an undisclosed percentage of the NHL-expansion Ottawa Senators. Anka, who played hockey while growing up in the Ottawa suburb of Westboro, has scheduled himself...

May 27, 1991
Jason GannonPORTLAND, ORE.Jason, an eighth-grader at Alice Ott Middle School, led the Huskies to the Mount Hood Athletic League wrestling title by winning all 12 of his matches (11 by pin) this...

May 27, 1991 | Leigh Montville
The now-it-can-be-told story of how Jose Canseco struck out with Madonna