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June 10, 1991 | Volume 74, Issue 22

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Michael Jordan Cover - Sports Illustrated June 10, 1991

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
[Thumb Up]To the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, for levying a tax on 49er tickets (75 cents) and Giants tickets (25 cents) beginning next season, with the resulting revenues earmarked to help...

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Pete Carril, Princeton basketball coach, to new assistant Armond Hill, after asking Hill to devote less time to his avocation, art: "We've got two kids named Art coming in next year. You can have...

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
The World League of American Football championship game, the World Bowl, is scheduled for this Sunday at Wembley Stadium in London. SI's Peter King asked three NFL personnel directors who have...

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Richard Demak
Greg Luzinski appeared on the cover of the June 8, 1981, issue after two laudable moves by the White Sox: They took over first place, and they decided to redesign their uniforms. We also wrote...

June 10, 1991 | Jack McCallum

June 10, 1991 | Kenny Moore
At the NCAAs Ohio State's Mark Croghan outsprinted Samuel Kibiri of Washington State to win the fastest steeplechase this year

June 10, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian

June 10, 1991 | Curry Kirkpatrick

June 10, 1991 | Steve Rushin

June 10, 1991
An American TragedyI have been reading SI for many years, but seldom have I been as moved as I was by the story about former Cincinnati Reds catcher Willard Hershberger (The Razor's Edge, May 6)....

June 10, 1991 | Sonja Steptoe

June 10, 1991 | Richard O'Brien
After licking Sugar Ray Leonard and, now, Donald Curry, Terry Norris still has a lot to prove

June 10, 1991 | Ron Fimrite
Fifty years after he hit .406, Ted Williams is the subject of two biographies

June 10, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian

June 10, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
•A BreakthroughIn a play destined for highlight film immortality, outfielder Rodney McCray of the Triple A Vancouver Canadians ran headlong through the plywood outfield wall at Civic Stadium in...

June 10, 1991 | Franz Lidz
Bob Tewksbury is the seurat of St. Louis. The Cardinals righthander isn't an expressionist like Roger Clemens nor a surrealist like Pascual Perez. He's more of a pointillist, painting the corners...

June 10, 1991 | William Nack

June 10, 1991 | Mike D'Orso
In Alabama some rough-and-ready men are willing to slug it out for momentary glory and much-needed cash

June 10, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jaffe
WantedBy the Orange County, Calif., district attorney on four felony counts for placing explosive devices in various public places, the heretofore omnipresent Rockin' Rollen Stewart. Stewart, who...

June 10, 1991
Lena S. MashburnANCHORAGE, ALASKALena, 12, won the 12-and-under slalom and came in second in the giant slalom at the state Alpine ski championships. Her times of 1:50.51 and 1:43.46 were faster...

June 10, 1991 | Rick Reilly
Dennis Rodman may have started something when he wrote Scottie Pippen a letter of apology