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July 29, 1991 | Volume 75, Issue 5

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Cal Ripken, Jr. Cover - Sports Illustrated July 29, 1991

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
[Thumb Up]To golfer Bruce Fleisher, for honoring his commitment to play in last week's $100,000 Colorado Open, even though his recent victory in the New England Classic entitled him to play in the...

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Ralph Kiner, New York Mets broadcaster, reflecting on Mets manager Bud Harrelson's laid-back style: "Some quiet guys are inwardly outgoing."

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
The Pro Football Hall of Fame will induct four players—running back Earl Campbell, guard John Hannah, defensive lineman Stan Jones and kicker Jan Stenerud—and one club executive, former Dallas...

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Last week's 50th anniversary of the end of Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak calls to mind an anecdote involving DiMaggio and a little-known outfielder named Darrell Brown. Seven years ago,...

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Before Rocket Ismail, the biggest name to play in the Canadian Football League was erstwhile L.A. Ram quarterback Vince Ferragamo, who made our July 20, 1981, cover—and then disappeared. One of...

July 29, 1991 | Rick Reilly
Ian Baker-Finch got off to a flying start in the final round and easily won the British Open

July 29, 1991 | William F. Reed
A 73-yard run helped make Rocket Ismail's debut with the Toronto Argonauts a dazzling one

July 29, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian

July 29, 1991 | Richard Hoffer
The Olympic Festival showcased a crop of tough young U.S. boxers

July 29, 1991 | Sally Jenkins
Monica Seles's return from exile was a media event even her idol, Madonna, might have envied

July 29, 1991 | Jill Lieber

July 29, 1991 | John Papanek
In the introduction to photographer Gianfranco Gorgoni's 1990 book, Cuba mi Amor, a stunning portfolio of photos that captures the color and passion of that beautiful island, Nobel Prize-winning...

July 29, 1991 | Richard Hoffer

July 29, 1991 | Merrell Noden
Beset by injuries and bad luck, Mary Slaney still harbors Olympian aspirations

July 29, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
Not-So-Fine Print

July 29, 1991 | Tim Kurkjian
A One-Note HornOn July 17, Oriole designated hitter Sam Horn became the first nonpitcher in major league history to strike out six straight times in one game. In the 15-inning game against the...

July 29, 1991 | Franz Lidz
Somebody once said that all ballplayers want to be rock musicians, and all rock musicians, ballplayers. Jack McDowell got to be both. When not flinging fastballs for the Chicago White Sox, he...

July 29, 1991 | Steve Wulf

July 29, 1991
Nice Guys Finish FirstWhat a pleasure it was to read Rick Telander's POINT AFTER about the Bulls' Phil Jackson and the Lakers' Mike Dunleavy (June 17). What with the media hype over the Michael...

July 29, 1991 | Tom Starner
Sonny Hill has helped a horde of Philadelphia kids find direction on—and off—the basketball court

July 29, 1991 | Edited by Michael Jaffe
TossedBy actress Hillary Wolf, her opponent after less than 20 seconds of the women's 99-pound judo final at the Olympic Festival in Los Angeles. The 14-year-old Wolf, who played Macaulay Culkin's...

July 29, 1991
Brandan GreczkowskiPLAINFIELD, CONN.Brandan, 14, won the gold medal in the 99-pound division at the international Göteborg judo tournament in Sweden. He won all four of his matches by ippon (a...

July 29, 1991 | Leigh Montville
No question about it, this magazine cover would make Demi Moore seem like a lot less

July 29, 1991 | Ron Fimrite
Boxing is the subject of three new books, each of which delivers a solid punch