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January 13, 1992 | Volume 76, Issue 1

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Muhammad Ali Cover - Sports Illustrated January 13, 1992

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
It's a ShamePete Rose could have been elected to the Hall of Fame this week, but he won't be. And he shouldn't be.

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
[Thumb Up] To the University of Florida Athletic Association, which gave $2.2 million to the university for library services, its summer school program and an AIDS institute. One quarter of the...

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
At this very moment, your TV set is probably on. It has to be. This is 1992, and we have just embarked upon the most endlessly maniacal, maniacally endless, hopelessly interminable, interminably...

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Charles Berkley, Philadelphia 76er forward, on the four hours he recently spent in a Milwaukee jail on an assault charge: "I got the superstar treatment. Everybody else got bologna and water. I...

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
In "Judgment Calls" of the Dec. 30-Jan. 6 SCORECARD, we gave a Thumb Down to Green Bay Packer lineman Tony Mandarich for not returning a $500 appearance fee paid to his booking agent by the Boys...

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
That's the back of Don Head, Boston Bruin goalie, on our Jan. 15, 1962, cover. Inside, we reported on the Los Angeles Open, the first PGA tournament for Jack Nicklaus, who finished 46th. Worried...

January 13, 1992 | Rick Reilly
John Elway propelled the Broncos past the Oilers and into the AFC title game with yet another thrilling last-minute drive

January 13, 1992 | Peter King
As K.C. learned, the Bills are still potent at home in January

January 13, 1992 | Rick Telander
The Lions ended a 35-year playoff drought by ripping apart the Cowboys 38-6

January 13, 1992 | Paul Zimmerman
The Redskins untracked the Falcons' attack

January 13, 1992 | Peter King
As others scrambled for coaching jobs, Bill Parcells rejected two whopping offers

January 13, 1992 | Austin Murphy

January 13, 1992 | Phil Taylor
After a two-month suspension, Arkansas swingman Todd Day dazzled on the court but still brooded away from it

January 13, 1992
The 13 CommandmentsI enjoyed your article about basketball's birthday (Happy Hundredth, Hoops, Dec. 2). I am familiar with the story of Dr. James Naismith's peach baskets, but could you print his...

January 13, 1992

January 13, 1992 | Alexander Wolff
Despite what you've heard, you come off pretty well in 'The Jordan Rules'

January 13, 1992 | Phil Taylor
Big Splash for the Green Wave

January 13, 1992 | Phil Taylor
MENKhari Jaxon, a 6'8" junior forward for New Mexico, scored a career-high 21 points, converting nine of 11 held goal attempts, and blocked seven shots in the Lobos' 60-54 defeat of Utah.

January 13, 1992 | Phil Taylor
In 1974-75, forward Steve Green was the top scorer—16.6 points a game—for a 31-1 Indiana team that coach Bob Knight has said was even better than his undefeated '75-76 juggernaut. Green still...

January 13, 1992 | Jack McCallum
Pointless Guards?

January 13, 1992 | William Nack

January 13, 1992 | Robert Sullivan
These days, building an environmentally sound winter recreation spot is no simple undertaking

January 13, 1992 | Edited by Jon Scher
SwappedBy the Calgary Flames to the Toronto Maple Leafs in an unprecedented 10-man deal, playmaking center and would-be actor Doug Gilmour. The sputtering Flames sent Gilmour and four others to...

January 13, 1992
Corey IhmelsWILLISTON, N.DAK.Corey, 17, a senior at Williston High, won the 5,000-meter National Kinney Cross-Country Championship in 15:03.6, 15.1 seconds better than his closest rival. Earlier...

January 13, 1992 | William F. Reed
A contemporary from Louisville reflects on all that he and 50-year-old Muhammad Ali share