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April 13, 1992 | Volume 76, Issue 14

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Bobby Hurley Cover - Sports Illustrated April 13, 1992

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Richard Demak

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Richard Demak
[Thump Up]To the Knicks City Dancers, the troupe that performs during New York Knick games, for donating $22,000 to the Boys Brotherhood Republic, a youth center in Manhattan. The dancers won the...

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Richard Demak
Michael Crouwel, Philadelphia Phillie catching prospect, who was acquired from the Dutch national team, when asked about Philadelphia: "The only thing I know about it is that it's in New Jersey."

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Richard Demak
Putting Up with Duke

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Richard Demak
UCLA sophomore Lew Alcindor bounded—and rebounded—onto the cover of our April 3, 1967, issue as the Bruins capped a 30-0 season with a 79-64 win over Dayton. Reflecting on the unpopularity of top...

April 13, 1992 | Curry Kirkpatrick

April 13, 1992 | Alexander Wolff
If Christian Laettner is Duke's poster boy, Bobby Hurley is its poster child, a Jersey City, N.J., kid with sunken eyes, bad teeth and a CYO gymnasium pallor. His face had once been so Danny...

April 13, 1992 | Phil Taylor
Head of the Class

April 13, 1992 | Shelley Smith
By heeding savvy precepts, Molly Goodenbour led Stanford to the NCAA title

April 13, 1992 | Steve Wulf
A late-season players' strike, the first in the National Hockey League's 75-year history, put the playoffs in jeopardy

April 13, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
Baltimore's charming new downtown ballpark has Oriole fans chirping and baseball purists crowing with delight

April 13, 1992 | John Papanek
Since joining SI in 1971, senior writer Ron Fimrite has written more than 450 stories for the magazine, most of them about baseball and many of them about the California Angels, the team he...

April 13, 1992 | John Garrity
At the Tradition, where Lee Trevino beat Jack Nicklaus by one stroke, the recollections were fond—and sometimes faulty

April 13, 1992
Baseball SalariesI thought Tim Kurkjian's article on Chicago Cub second baseman Ryne Sandberg and increasingly outrageous baseball salaries was excellent (Rolling a 7, March 16). I admire...

April 13, 1992 | Ron Fimrite

April 13, 1992 | Bruce Newman

April 13, 1992 | Jack McCallum

April 13, 1992 | William F. Reed
A.P. Indy accelerated toward the Kentucky Derby with a stretch-running win at Santa Anita

April 13, 1992 | John Garrity
In every marina there are a few ugly ducklings that are swans to their owners

April 13, 1992 | William Nack

April 13, 1992 | Edited by Jon Scher
AwardedTo erstwhile professional boxer Jack Palance, the Oscar for best supporting actor for his role in City Slickers. When Palance, 72, dropped to the floor to do a set of one-handed push-ups...

April 13, 1992

April 13, 1992 | Ron Fimrite
For a precious few days, the New York Mets refused to talk to the press. Bartlett's will survive