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April 20, 1992 | Volume 76, Issue 15

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Fred Couples Cover - Sports Illustrated April 20, 1992

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
[Thumb Up]To golfer Larry Nelson, who disqualified himself after the first round of the Masters last week when he discovered that his Merit clubs did not conform to the USGA rules because of...

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Baseball just began another regular season. The NHL playoff season is about to begin. The NBA is grinding toward its postseason. And the World League of American Football is approaching...

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Jack Nicklaus was on the April 17, 1972, cover after winning his fourth (of six) Masters in the groovy clothing style of that era. Back then a major sport was on strike, namely baseball. The...

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Steve Wulf
Mike Flanagan, Baltimore Oriole pitcher: "You know you're having a had day-when the fifth inning rolls around, and they drag the-warning track."

April 20, 1992 | Rick Reilly

April 20, 1992 | John Papanek
Writers write, photographers photograph, designers design and editors edit. Then everything is turned over to George Baldassare, SI's affable production director. He's the guy who, among other...

April 20, 1992 | Sally Jenkins
In confronting AIDS, Arthur Ashe is drawing on the same rare qualities that have allowed him to defeat other formidable foes

April 20, 1992 | Merrell Noden
Steve Spence and two other U.S. marathoners played a sly waiting game to win Olympic berths

April 20, 1992 | Pat Putnam
George Foreman was a swollen, sorry sight after outpointing a surprisingly tough Alex Stewart

April 20, 1992 | Austin Murphy

April 20, 1992 | Douglas S. Looney

April 20, 1992 | William Nack

April 20, 1992 | Leigh Montville

April 20, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
The Inside Story

April 20, 1992 | Tim Kurkjian
The NaturalThe Padres' Dave Eiland became the first pitcher to hit a homer in his first major league at bat since the Astros' Jose Sosa did it in 1975. Eiland, batting for the first time since...

April 20, 1992 | Steve Hirdt
Spring Ahead

April 20, 1992 | Jack McCallum
Year-End Awards

April 20, 1992
Coach K (Cont.)I was a reporter for the Duke student newspaper, The Chronicle, from 1986 to '88, but I graduated before the well-publicized meeting between Coach K and The Chronicle sports staff...

April 20, 1992 | John Garrity
Bill Koch and his America³ syndicate hope that money and technology will prevail over pure helmsmanship in defending the America's Cup

April 20, 1992 | Robert H. Boyle
The National Audubon Society's annual Birdathon is not a competition for the fainthearted

April 20, 1992 | Sally B. Donnelly
A new breed of bookshop, devoted entirely to sports, lures fans of every imaginable game

April 20, 1992 | Tim Crothers
Nick Bravin, the U.S. and NCAA foil champion, combines a mighty sword with a sharp tongue

April 20, 1992 | Albert Kim

April 20, 1992 | Edited by Jon Scher
Aired OutJoe Montana's surgically repaired right elbow, during a two-day mini-camp conducted by the San Francisco 49ers. The 35-year-old quarterback, who missed the '91 season, threw with zip...

April 20, 1992

April 20, 1992 | Roy S. Johnson
Arthur Ashe is a public figure, but the media had no right to make his illness a public matter